The Bearable Lightness of Being

Red would frown seeing Kundera being quasi-plaigiarised in this manner but I honestly couldn’t think of any other title for this blog post.

I sometimes get the sense of things being in a separate reality as it were. And while that may have shrinks reaching for a diagnosis of psychosis but there often doesn’t seem to be a bridge between what’s transpired and what currently *is*.

Take for example the new place we moved it. It’s only been 3 months since we moved here but I can’t seem to recall the time of my life when I lived in the old apartment. It’s almost like that’s ceased to be.

I had gone back to the old place today because a former colleague and fellow bookworm wanted to take some of my books that I’d left behind in the move. And while I can find myself heading back to that place on autopilot, it seemed surreal to be back in the actual apartment.

Our voices were echoing slightly in the empty livingroom but somehow I couldn’t envision myself and my family there although the better part of 7 years of married life had been spent there.

This is a form of moving on. It’s firmly categorized as a closed chapter. Something that’s been traded for a better object, situation and we’ve moved on. All of us. Red and MLM took about 2-3 days to get settled into the new place and get acclimatized heart and soul.

I kept thinking that I alone still had a hankering for the place but it’s no longer home.

It’s a curious phenomenon, moving on. People you couldn’t do without at one point of time, places you couldn’t think of not being in all get left behind and you march on. Not always to something and someone better but you always proceed further and further ahead. Often you progress as well.

Another day, another realization. Such is life.

Moving In…Moving On

This is the first blog post from the new house so I guess am on my way to breaking it in.

We moved in last Monday and since then we encountered a level of displacement I’d left behind quite a few years back.

In any house or home there’s some amount of orderly disorder (except in my parents house. Disorder does not exist in their universe!) and since we know where everything is, right from the light switches to the safety pins you never feel lost.

In a brand new place despite packing boxes having labels on them, till you open them you don’t get a proper idea of where everything actually is.

So we moved in and continued with going to work for Red and school for MLM and descent in minor madness for me.

It isn’t just about getting those god-awful boxes out of the living room, it’s about the place looking like somewhere you belong, you want to be in…the erstwhile empty spaces should reflect the ideas you had in your head when you bought the place to begin with.

But it’s taken shape pretty well ( I think). Some of our things will need refurbishing-grubby little toddler is now semi-grubby preschooler and asks for tissues or runs into the bathroom to ‘wash your hands’ after eating so my sofa’s upholstery is no longer under attack.

We got the net connection up and running-YESS!!!

Red killed a lizard for me yesterday- YESS!! and EWWW!

The offspring has been to the playground everyday and has settled into a pattern of being around the new place. So the chants of ‘ Let’s go home’ have abated. He still calls it the ‘ New House’ but then again so do I, in my head i.e. Some of the moms in the play area have become familiar faces with some numbers having been exchanged as well.

We got cable, a help (for now) and have been able to access the maintenance service with a fairly short turnaround time so yeah…things are falling into place.

And we started to celebrate our first Diwali with our new neighbors last night and then conked off (don’t ask me when) and were deaf to the noises outside! How’s that for fatigue?

So right now, sitting at the new work station, typing this out feels pretty good 🙂

Here’s a glimpse of where we were at the start of this week and where we are now.

House pictures to follow later.










The Check List

We test drive a car before buying it. We ought to be able to test drive our spouses, partners too. Here’s why-

  • You meticulously switch off the lights and fan when exiting a room. Their motto in life is to forget it. Always.
  • You hang your wet towels out to dry on the clothesline or drying rack. They feel a bed is the best way to get the job done. And somehow never seem to leave it on the side of the bed they sleep in; its always on yours.
  • You love to read in bed. They act like a minute beam of light is blinding and continue to toss and turn till the bed seems to be suffering from tectonic movements.
  •  You watch/read mainstream movies and novels. They watch award-winning foreign language movies which are dark and dreary and someone always seems to die or be dying and read books which are as straight and uncomplicated as a jalebi (or pretzel, take your pick).
  • You want your bathroom tiles to be “cheerful”. They raise eyebrows at you and say just pick something where the grime won’t show up and keep mumbling about the ridiculous adjective of cheerful for bathroom tiles!
  • You usually know where your essential accessories are. They need a map. Everyday. Without Fail.

That and many more reasons are why you should know a person beyond their favorite color and food.
You just might end up shivering next to a person who ends up rolling themselves up like a spring roll in a comforter meant for two while you ponder about whether you would be justified in kicking them of bed altogether.

OR in time you could gaze upon your giggling offspring and say isn’t that the most beautiful face ever? They would agree.

So it works both ways 🙂