Holiday Bloglet

Books read since start of holiday on 23rd night: 4. New mystery writers discovered since start of holiday: 3 Movies watched: half of 3 Drinks consumed: 2! (I know right?) Local cuisine sampled: 2xs Yelled at offspring: lesser times than I thought possible. Got massaged: 1x Cursed out loud: 3x Songs looped in head: Never... Continue Reading →

The Misery of Mucus

Reblogged from There are two kinds of people (among the many types of two-kinds of people): those who shy away from bodily functions, fluids and whatnot and those who rush to embrace it. I’m not sure why but farts, peeing, pooping, burping, drooling, mucus (from various parts of the body), wet dreams, menstrual flow; it’s all... Continue Reading →

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