I Know Tedaktal

Doesn’t make any sense at all? Well this is such a spelling that even a spell check might not help. So lemme reveal the actual word behind the mangled one- Pterodactyl. Whoo! that’s a doozy isn’t it? Given that it’s not even spelt the way it’s pronounced. Anyhoo MLM’s learning about dinosaurs at school and … More I Know Tedaktal

Am I The Only One?

I know Mothers wonder about their children and what they’re up to, what they have the potential to get up to throughout their lives. But am hoping that there are other moms out there who have this reaction as well- WHAT IN THE NAME OF GERBER’S BABY FOOD WAS THAT? My child- MLM has some … More Am I The Only One?

The Uprooted Gypsy

I’ve categorized myself as a gypsy since long. Not because I have dark, good looks or lots of jet black flowing hair…no sirree! I’ve moved from one place to another as far back as I can recall. 9 schools. 1 place for graduation and yet another for the Masters. And a job or two along … More The Uprooted Gypsy

Things I Fancy

I found this site¬†while browsing through app recos on my phone a couple of months back and have been hooked to it ever since. I’m not hooked to the extent that I’m actually buying stuff off it. It’s got a mixture of things that I can afford and stuff I look at wistfully but I … More Things I Fancy

Being Firm…

It’s extremely easy to be firm. Till it isn’t. You decide you won’t let your child indulge in excesses or in things out of turn but somehow it’s always easier to do so when work or personal life coming knocking on your door. Sometimes it’s SO easy to just rationalize it all out and say, … More Being Firm…