The Retro Song Bloglet

Sometimes while waiting for the quinoa to get cooked all the way through, you think of Bon Jovi and his ballads. And then Bed of Roses pops into your head. And you play it and sing along till your flesh and blood comes and tells you that he can’t hear the narrator talk about the Most Dangerous Creatures of Asia over your caterwauling.

For those of you who don’t have that problem or wouldn’t mind listening to something other than Livin’ On A Prayer here’s Bed of Roses:

A Little Bit Of Music…

I am all Covided out!” That’s not my utterance but borrowed from a friend who’s said it with so much sincerity that it came across even on chat. But the reason I wrote it here is because I am all Covided out. While I waited for my reports to show up, while I played devil’s advocate about a CT scan for a mild dry cough and while people who are family getting diagnosed on a regular basis, this disease seems to have got its tentacles into everything and everyone in some form or the other.

I haven’t seen my bestie in YEARS. Actually it’s been a year and a half but you know how it is with besties. You want them to be around all the time; even if they live a continent away. Met my folks after a year despite then being a 2 hour flight away. Those things bite!

TO went back to school very briefly before being hauled back home to fill our days with petulance, sulks and occasionally making me feel like a Shawshank Redemption was going to be enacted in my own home.

The kids have been asked (read banned) from going down and playing together due to a major uptick in the active cases in our community. So poor TO is off his cricket practice and rarely goes down to either cycle or even more rarely- swing in the kiddy area. Yesterday there was a Mexican standoff at the play area downstairs with TO and a couple of little girls who thought he wasn’t supposed to have access to the swings since it was all theirs. He disagreed. Those girls had a dangerous gleam in their eyes. Their frills and flounces didn’t fool me…they’d have taken him out in a heartbeat!

Red’s not going to work at all these days. He was headed to work a few times a week earlier for a few hours at a time and it felt like some semblance of a balance was getting restored. But while we aren’t colliding with each other constantly, the whole miasma of uncertainty sometimes gets to me and all I want to do is watch cat videos on Instagram and see things like this. It makes me feel like there is light and goodness in the world and a sense of warmth will gradually seep into all the nasty cracks that have some up.

I mean how can you not put aside all the vagaries that life seems to be throwing at you and just look at that lil chin that’s so nom-nom-alicious!! I swear babies were created for something other than making zombies out of their parents and that’s just so quasi-jaded people like me can fawn on them and their pictures and of course, give them back to the zombies…I mean parents, once the quota of happiness has been derived.

Anyhow, I was feeling particularly blah last night and I started looking for cat videos and came across a small clip where a bride is throwing the bouquet but it’s a staged “throw” and the bride actually hands it over to a lady who turns around to find out that she’s being proposed to. No..that didn’t make me feel better at all…I think I found it a bit hokey but I’ve never had a proper proposal so what do I know? My ears did perk up at the song in the background…Bruno Mars’ Marry You.

Now I’m not a closet romantic. Sure I cry at watching Love Story and think whoever doesn’t cry when Jenny dies is dead inside! But all the typical crying at seeing an engagement ring and having someone get down on their knees doesn’t do much for me. If you see the video of the song I’ve written about, it is funny and annoying all at once. The lyrics are a bit meh also but it’s a feel-good song and not a feel-intellectual one so it’s not a surprise that it’s the go-to song for flash mob engagements.

Happy Tears GIFs | Tenor

And while it’s a good gesture, exciting even but the woman being proposed do doesn’t show her face since she’s all overwhelmed and there’s an annoying photog getting in her face to see how she looks all tear-streaked and blotchy-faced…ah love.

But cynicism apart, the song is peppy and while I’ve heard it TONS of times earlier in background scores on TikTok etc I always moved past it. But my slightly sad brain needed a bit of cheer last night and the beats of this particular song apparently were where the cheer was to be found. Whoda thunk?!

I feel asleep listening to it and woke up feeling better. Maybe it was the lyrics, maybe it was the melody but I do know this song is going to be looped in my head while I tackle the chores today and I will be smiling and swaying along with it…

Moral of the story: If you’re walking along in a mall and suddenly there seem to be people breaking into a dance all around you and this song comes on…RUN if you don’t want to say yes to whoever it is you’re seeing. Pretty hard to say no when the world’s looking at you and there’s a sweaty person kneeling down with an open ring box and the background dancers are getting their TikTok and Insta-worthy faces on!


Chronicles Of A Mom In A Car#1

Mothers spend a lot of time waiting for their children. Starting with the actual birth itself, then the latching on, followed by the weaning off, the all-important toilet training, eating solids, walking, talking, running and then the slow and inevitable process of growing up. And lest I forget…the UBER-important…the falling asleep.

Over the past few years, I’ve spent a lot of time waiting for TO to wind up with classes/sessions of something or the other and then we head home. I don’t always have the comfort or inclination of a nice waiting area each time around so my default waiting room becomes the car. And for a short round woman, a car can be a very comfortable place to be in.

Incline the chair a bit, take a sip of your carry-along espresso, smoothie, soft drink (cough cough- we’re supposed to be eating healthy) and you have your own little queendom where blissful silence reigns and so does the ability to do whatever you feel like- for those 45 minutes to an hour.

I’ve read books in utter silence, I’ve headbanged to songs, I’ve had marathon calls with friends and family, caught up with old friends, churned out blog posts, binged-watched my favourite serials and most importantly- had time to think.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think a lot. A LOT. But at home when there are things happening around you all the time, the thinking becomes very guided. Transactional even. In the cocoon of your car, the thinking just brims over and flows rampant and a lot of decisions get taken then- right from the dinner menu to taking a stance about issues in life. And those are some solid decisions that get taken.

Yesterday while I was waiting for the fresh and blood to decompress from his day-long online classes and wield his cricket bat like the stylish cricketer he thinks he is; I was on a trip down Retro Lane. Retro Lane is chockfull of Retro Music- rock, R&B, ballads, pop and what have you. And this song came up-

A lot of time has been spent sighing, pining, staring into space and smiling over this song…it’s been an anthem of sorts from the college days when crushes had more of a scope to flourish and when “heartbreak” was equally rampant amongst the newly minted young adults. It’s too bad Cutting Crew never got around to anything else that became as lasting as this song but it’ll do for me and my ilk. We have memories galore associated with it and that’s a good thing to look back at sitting in my 40s…

So crank up the volume and explore your own Retro Lane! Who knows what forgotten treasures will come up!

Shuffling Into My Ears…

A good amount of my screen time is devoted to Instagram and I constantly keep finding things there that keep me interested or are the new fad for me if you will.

Found this page that I keep going back to. And while I was there last time, I found this song by this guy. Check it out.

And just like that, watching this kid shuffling and moonwalking across the streets, the malls and pretty much everywhere is the new stress buster. Of course, the cat videos will never be off the table!


Shuffle dance - Coub - The Biggest Video Meme Platform


are fun! They are easy and uncomplicated.

You watch them because you know there’s fun, drama, tears, shock, eye-rolling moments all packed in.

And because they are reruns, you never really mind pausing them, running errands in between or putting it off for another day. You know Rachel gets off the plane. You know Meredith and Derek will have their drama together over 11 seasons before he exits. You know Gibbs will keep head-slapping Dinozzo till he leaves too. Beckett will eventually say yes to Castle and he’ll keep being an overgrown baby.

And yet it’s all fun. And along with it comes the music. Grey’s Anatomy has some really good music; usually softer tracks but chosen very aptly. Castle has some good ones as well. Got reacquainted with this song after years. And this one too both from Castle’s first season. The song my kid loves to dance to at ungodly hours is courtesy an episode of NCIS.

So basically you’ve got a twofer…a relook at old favorites or at the very least, decent recreation and good music. That’s a good deal in my book any day.

Snake, Rattle&Roll

By now everyone would have realized that I pun and desperately so. It’s almost my calling card in my blog posts. Titles especially.

So to jump to the topic, my kid is into Nature. Likes some parts of it even more and absolutely j’adores bits of it. And those bits are far-flung, disjointed and only he knows why certain things send him into raptures.

Our old printer was on its last legs, cartridge, carriage…you get the gist; so another one came and took its place. And Red being Mr.Technologically-Advanced wanted a wireless printer. So we got one. 

So now the situation is like this- MLM will pick up my phone after switching on the printer and making sure there are REAMS of paper in it, and simply command me-GIVE ME A PRINT OUT.
And his litany will begin-

  • Secretary Bird (no short necks only long-necked ones)
  • Gila Monster.
  • Komodo Dragon
  • King Cobra (proper one not cartoonish, cutesy snakes)
  • Alligators AND Crocodiles- because yeah, like he knows the difference between the two.
  • Leatherback turtle
  • Vampire Squid
  • Armadillos

And the list goes on. And as each page rolls out his eyes turn bright and he rubs his hands in glee and hisses in my ear, “Give me birdsss of prey Ayuuu.” I swear it’s like having your own personal Smeagol leering at its Precious! 

For those who glossed over that reference-watch LOTR ok? You can’t miss out on Smeagol and his Precioussss. Half the memes on the internet have to do with those two.

So after condors, peregrine falcons and vultures flew out of the printer and we called it a day, the hissing ceased and Gollum..I mean MLM went his merry way with his printouts.

A new day. A new pet peeve for me. Life is just full of opportunities!

Holiday Bloglet

  • Books read since start of holiday on 23rd night: 4.
  • New mystery writers discovered since start of holiday: 3
  • Movies watched: half of 3
  • Drinks consumed: 2! (I know right?)
  • Local cuisine sampled: 2xs
  • Yelled at offspring: lesser times than I thought possible.
  • Got massaged: 1x
  • Cursed out loud: 3x
  • Songs looped in head: Never Give Up (Sia)& Wildest Moments (Jessie Ware)
  • Sighed in contentment: all the time!

Reflections On Ambient Sounds

One lingering memory of Durga pujas at Barasat are the acoustic version of retro Hindi songs of Salil Choudhury playing in the neighborhood somewhere. Right from Yeh Kya Hua to O Sajna, Barkha Bahaar Aayi…they play them all.

And it sounds just wonderful. Seeped in whispers of the years that’ve passed while trying to make it to Calcutta to attend the puja from whichever part of the country we might have been in…..

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