The Retro Song Bloglet

Sometimes while waiting for the quinoa to get cooked all the way through, you think of Bon Jovi and his ballads. And then Bed of Roses pops into your head. And you play it and sing along till your flesh and blood comes and tells you that he can't hear the narrator talk about the … Continue reading The Retro Song Bloglet


Chronicles Of A Mom In A Car#1

Mothers spend a lot of time waiting for their children. Starting with the actual birth itself, then the latching on, followed by the weaning off, the all-important toilet training, eating solids, walking, talking, running and then the slow and inevitable process of growing up. And lest I forget...the UBER-important...the falling asleep. Over the past few … Continue reading Chronicles Of A Mom In A Car#1


are fun! They are easy and uncomplicated. You watch them because you know there's fun, drama, tears, shock, eye-rolling moments all packed in. And because they are reruns, you never really mind pausing them, running errands in between or putting it off for another day. You know Rachel gets off the plane. You know Meredith … Continue reading Reruns

Holiday Bloglet

Books read since start of holiday on 23rd night: 4. New mystery writers discovered since start of holiday: 3 Movies watched: half of 3 Drinks consumed: 2! (I know right?) Local cuisine sampled: 2xs Yelled at offspring: lesser times than I thought possible. Got massaged: 1x Cursed out loud: 3x Songs looped in head: Never … Continue reading Holiday Bloglet

Reflections On Ambient Sounds

One lingering memory of Durga pujas at Barasat are the acoustic version of retro Hindi songs of Salil Choudhury playing in the neighborhood somewhere. Right from Yeh Kya Hua to O Sajna, Barkha Bahaar Aayi...they play them all. And it sounds just wonderful. Seeped in whispers of the years that've passed while trying to make … Continue reading Reflections On Ambient Sounds