Reader’s Block

I've experienced reader's block a few times in my life. Not because the book was boring but because it hurt my head to read it. One was The Heart of Darkness. Brought out (yet again) all the atrocities done in the name of deliverance, racial superiority and just plain ol' fashioned greed. The other one … Continue reading Reader’s Block

The Prodigal Returns

Last weekend I went back to pray at the altar of the gym gods after a long, long a time. I know why I stopped going and it wasn't a good enough reason then and isn't one now either. But I like to give myself brownie points for attempting to get back on the horse/ … Continue reading The Prodigal Returns


I constantly swing back and forth from amusement to annoyance when helping my son with his homework. Especially his language homework. My own language "skills" are middling to not-bad-at-all and my pronunciation of words (especially the word pronunciation) is usually correct. Of course Red did tell me that I'd been pronouncing 'Audi' and 'apropos' wrong … Continue reading Ps&Qs

Book Review: Sita’s Ramayana

I haven't ventured down the path to graphic novels at all. Parted ways with comics after grade school and just the written word was enough to hold my attention without needing the bells and whistles that illustrations provide. However, the senses must be appeased and of late I've wanted to have more visual stimulations while … Continue reading Book Review: Sita’s Ramayana

Open Wide…

I had written this post on Livejournal, my erstwhile online diary many moons ago. And I remembered the incident which inspired the post during my dental check-up today. I like to think my threshold of pain is about average. I know I got loud during childbirth but then again you're expected to so that doesn't … Continue reading Open Wide…