Seven Times The Fun!

Girls'/ women's trips are something completely off the charts and unfathomable till a person has experienced them first hand. You not only have a bunch of people who are raring to go, cutting loose from the everyday but wonder of wonders, also clean up after themselves and make sure everyone else is also having a … Continue reading Seven Times The Fun!


Just Saying…

Gratitude, being thankful is all fine and dandy. But if you still need something that helps you get more positivity, think about starting an Ingratitude Journal. Rid yourself of your negativity. Don't force yourself to be positive if it doesn't come naturally to you. Vent it out, feel lighter and forget about your rant...if you … Continue reading Just Saying…

Adjusting To Normalcy

Across the world children are heading back to school although what they knew to be a scholastic experience has changed quite a bit. In some places they have kids attending school a few days a week. In others it's for a few hours whereas in many places in Europe it's been business as usual for … Continue reading Adjusting To Normalcy

How To Tell A Pre-Teen Lives In Your House

Here it goes in no particular order: He calls you and dad have left the building and Bruh reigns supreme.Angst is the name of the game.Being contrary is also the name of the game.Tantrums are usually lurking around the corner.Flashes of brilliance (I use the term loosely) can be expected.Hugs and kisses are still … Continue reading How To Tell A Pre-Teen Lives In Your House

Gaah! A Pre-Teen Lives In My House

The brat is officially a preteen effective yesterday. He's also officially a slightly bigger brat than he was before. I was telling Red that it's as if I gave birth to a Valley Girl instead of a kid living in South India. But am told the rolling eyes, the general disdain for any parental advise … Continue reading Gaah! A Pre-Teen Lives In My House