un-fucking believable!!

Management students! BAH! HUMBUG!I don't want to sound prissy when I say this but we weren't like this when we were studying. While being goody-goody DID NOT enter the picture, the level of ignorance, lethargy and the maha lackadaisical attiudes that these people manifest is honestly sickening!!Time management is alien to the majority, sleeping is... Continue Reading →

the chikun got me….i think

there's this weirdass viral fever doing the rounds in AP. something called chikungunya. it's supposed to originate from guinea fowls ergo the "chikun" part. and gunya's a vikriti of guinea... anyhoo,have started the prophylactics and am staying FAAR away from the colleagues who've become casualties but i think i'll succumb...lotsa symptoms already manifesting. had weird... Continue Reading →

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