country of fools!

got up and heard the story of zidane giving into his goatish tendencies and felt the man’s a giant ass!
your last world cup (by your own accounts) and this is how you exit? oh yeah, really graceful buddy.
and then spread all over the TOI is the news of the destruction wreaked by the shiv sainiks, yet again.
these people should be declared as persona non grata at the earliest.
some idiot smears mud on the face of thackeray’s wife’s statue and dadar is burning and 1/2 of b’bay is under curfew. who was she anyway? not that her not being anyone great justificies the defacement. but why burn buses, break other peoples’ cars and windows over one silly act?
and they’ve given an ultimatum wherein the guilty party has a few hours before they apologise, failing which “balasaheb” will decide upon the next course of action. indeed!!
arrogant old fart!
this is the kind of pandering which has led to the country being run by morons, who are elected by yet another bunch of morons and catering to the rest of the morons.

MORAL  OF THE STORY-we’re all morons if we let this continue!

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