Parenting Chronicles- Part 1,2…Oh Screw It!

I write a LOT about parenting. Usually in states of bewilderment or gripes because while it’s a beautiful thing to experience (NOT) it is REPLETE with pitfalls, second-guessing oneself and for me: a usually irresistible urge to flip someone off. I know plenty of people who have kids and extol the experience to the heavens … More Parenting Chronicles- Part 1,2…Oh Screw It!

Pet Peeves

I have a couple of pet peeves that I have carefully nurtured over the years; hence the word pet. Here they are in no particular order: Wet towels– thanks to Red and TO for making this a near constant in the household. Anyone touching my bed will think a chronic bedwetter lives here. Over time … More Pet Peeves

The Bad-Isms

I don’t usually write too many serious blog posts. Barring the fact that it reaches an audience that may not be in the mood for something grim and somber; I have a particular audience where I thrash things out to my heart’s content (usually). Thankfully some of those people are close-by and I get to … More The Bad-Isms

Cabin Fever Blog#2

This morning started off as most mornings do these days…quietly. Spoke to the bestie who’s doing her own lockdown in a different continent and waited for the calm of the morning to be broken once TO got up. And it did. Excuse the segue here but I fail to understand how people can say “bachchey … More Cabin Fever Blog#2

I Tried…

Dear God in Heaven, Oh! how I tried. I tried to grin and bear it but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t stand another second of it. The agony. The utter and complete lack of anything remotely humane. It was just too much…I just couldn’t watch Sharknado 6. If only Kurtz knew about the Syfy Channel…he’d … More I Tried…

Pain In The Donkey

One massive problem I face about having kids is that you need to filter, moderate, exercise judgement before speaking. It’s not enough that your flesh and blood can get under your skin enough to make you throw a hissy fit at the ripe old age of 40 but they bring out the big guns- obstinance … More Pain In The Donkey

Turbulent Tweens

The word ‘turbulent’ here refers to the frame of mind of the parents of tweens and not the tweens themselves. Honestly, I can even begin to take a gander at what these self-involved little hoomans are thinking, with half their brains trying to not give into the sociopathy that kids seem to have a blueprint … More Turbulent Tweens