Pet Peeves

I have a couple of pet peeves that I have carefully nurtured over the years; hence the word pet. Here they are in no particular order: Wet towels– thanks to Red and TO for making this a near constant in the household. Anyone touching my bed will think a chronic bedwetter lives here. Over time … More Pet Peeves


I’ve always liked art but am not a connoisseur or someone who can talk about the depth in a painting, the feeling or half the things those cravat-wearing types do, standing around in an art gallery. I just know if something appeals to it. Sometimes it does piecemeal, and other times holistically but I know … More Memories

The Bad-Isms

I don’t usually write too many serious blog posts. Barring the fact that it reaches an audience that may not be in the mood for something grim and somber; I have a particular audience where I thrash things out to my heart’s content (usually). Thankfully some of those people are close-by and I get to … More The Bad-Isms

It Matters. Period.

Long post alert. I am no “bleeding-hearts” liberal. Neither am I a “ranting” right-winger. I can like one and dislike the other and vice versa, based on situations. I am no die-hard. Because to do so would be to become absolutes and people are rarely just one thing. The one thing we can count on … More It Matters. Period.

A Few Learnings

While it is witty and even pithy to start a blog post with a title like ‘Love In The Time Of Corona’ as a take off on the famous novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, this is also a time of a bit of reflection even if done intermittently. Full disclosure though- I did not read … More A Few Learnings

Caffeine Bloglet

Am sniffly, have a stuffy nose and my head feels like it’s full of rocks. Once I gave TO his afterschool snack, I made myself a cuppa joe and leaned into the cup in DEEEEP appreciation. The brat looked at me contemplatively and asked, ” You love coffee more than me and P (Red) don’t … More Caffeine Bloglet