save me NOW!!!

I bribed a colleague with the promise of a book he's been asking for and came out of the afternoon invigilation. Didnt get away with it entirely, I'll go back...eventually.The worst thing about these MBA students is that they're too cocky by half. Majority of them have taken educational loans, amounting to above 6 lacs... Continue Reading →


I was telling the significant other (much to his uncontrollable amusement) that the invigilation duty they've assigned me for is just about the worst punishment for me yet. Especially since yesterday, when they have me doing double shifts. That works out to 6 hours totally of monosyllables of not even that.And many of the smart... Continue Reading →


new kitten2 Originally uploaded by ag80.This lil (and it's LIL) kitten was discovered by Ma today morning on our chairs. The proud mother is a lady of the night and enjoys the lascivious company of the local toms.Anyhow, there must be more lil ones somewhere but this the only young' un i could find.The mom... Continue Reading →


duckies Originally uploaded by ag80.had gone away for the weekend to a resort just outside the city. the ducks were a nice surprise. noisy, gaggly and quacky but it was fun to run after them just the same.yet again, wishing the mobcam had more range :o)well in lieu of a proper camera i think this... Continue Reading →

mercy me!

Y'day evening I went to a deli-cum-bakery with a friend and we were wondering what to chomp on when the officious waiter came over. The brief interaction with him is as follows-  Me- what is this? Friend-looks like a quiche. Is this a quiche? Waiter- Umm, no Sir, it's pie. M-hmm, those wedges look nice,... Continue Reading →

chameli baug

chameli baug Originally uploaded by ag80.This is the epitome of ultimate penury! me and 2 of my friends were working for TISS (they pay peanuts!!!) and we were doing a project in Gujarat. The boss lady went incommunicado in Papua New Guinea, the rains lashed Baroda and our money ran out and light went out... Continue Reading →

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