I dont know how many of you will be able to (or want to) watch this movie but where Indians are concerned, this is as close to a must-see as it gets.
The best things about Lagey Raho Munnabhai (LRM) is that it conveys a lot of homilies without being preachy at all.
Picking up from where they left off, Munnabhai&Circuit get tangled with things which take them on yet another journey which needs to be tweaked in the andaaz of the bhailog.
The show in entirely carried out on the more than capable shoulders of Boman Irani and Arshad Warsi. The one jarring note is the manner in which Vidya Balan feels that she has to screech out, “GGGGOOOOOOOOOOOD MMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOORNING MUMBAI” throughout the movie. You’d think that 1/2 down the line Rajkumar Hirani would have got the picture that too many repetitions of that particular line were not going to endear the mallu kutti to the audience. But apart from that, she’s quite pretty with a freshness that’s very appealing and refreshing.
And that’s the USP of the movie. It entertains without resorting to ‘ma-behen’ ki gaaliyaan, machismo-laden heroes stripping at the drop of a pin, huge dance ensembles popping out of nowhere at the snap of your fingers.
While not a laugh a minute kind of a flick, this movie will make you emit regular bursts of laughter throughout.

What to watch out for- Irani’s perfect enactment of a Punju and Circuit’s trademark dialogues, delivered in his own inimitable manner.