movie review-omkara

Hyperbole killed the fun. The movie was definitely NOT usual bollywood fare. But the over-enthusiastic responses that I'd  got from my pals had made me so agog. too agog I think.These are the things that I was thinking while watching it-1)Who told Ajay Devgan that being monosyllabic was the way to establish that you're the serious... Continue Reading →

fanaa ne humko fanaa nahin kiya!

saw the movie.liked it. dint love it.went gaga over aamir's intense looks.cried.lead pair's chemistry was GOOD.hindi cinema's technically come of age.i LOVE subhanallah!!! it's sexy!watch the movie for being slightly hatke,for not having a stereotypical happy ending&because it's other news....LISTEN to "ya ali" from gangster...sensous song!it makes me wanna go wild on the dance floor.... Continue Reading →

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