good clean fun.

I dont know how many of you will be able to (or want to) watch this movie but where Indians are concerned, this is as close to a must-see as it gets.
The best things about Lagey Raho Munnabhai (LRM) is that it conveys a lot of homilies without being preachy at all.
Picking up from where they left off, Munnabhai&Circuit get tangled with things which take them on yet another journey which needs to be tweaked in the andaaz of the bhailog.
The show in entirely carried out on the more than capable shoulders of Boman Irani and Arshad Warsi. The one jarring note is the manner in which Vidya Balan feels that she has to screech out, “GGGGOOOOOOOOOOOD MMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOORNING MUMBAI” throughout the movie. You’d think that 1/2 down the line Rajkumar Hirani would have got the picture that too many repetitions of that particular line were not going to endear the mallu kutti to the audience. But apart from that, she’s quite pretty with a freshness that’s very appealing and refreshing.
And that’s the USP of the movie. It entertains without resorting to ‘ma-behen’ ki gaaliyaan, machismo-laden heroes stripping at the drop of a pin, huge dance ensembles popping out of nowhere at the snap of your fingers.
While not a laugh a minute kind of a flick, this movie will make you emit regular bursts of laughter throughout.

What to watch out for- Irani’s perfect enactment of a Punju and Circuit’s trademark dialogues, delivered in his own inimitable manner.

Pirates of the Caribbean-II

Been waiting for this movie since I saw the 1st one-kind of a long wait truth be told but it was worth it. In parts i.e. Johnny Depp IS Jack Sparrow. With his kohl-lined eyes, the now you see it, now you dont kind of smiles and the entire gamut of expressions that he goes through, is reason enough to see the movie.
Now these are reasons why it’s still a let down in places-
* Orlando Bloom may have a nice jawline and flawless skin but he’ll pretty much always be the pretty boy. He had more lines this time around but screen presence cannot be created unless it exists to begin with. His eye candy status will see him through his movie career but it’ll pretty much be a case of “close but no cigar for him”. Significantly less pansyish in the sequel but he fails to impress.

*Keira!!! Heaven deliver us from hamming females with no bosoms! She is pretty, but that’s all she is. Wonder why someone would agree to do a bit part in a sequel…oh wait..tons of money. What was I thinking?!

*Davy Jones– I will certainly think twice about downing calamari and sea-food from now onwards that’s for sure! But when you think about the typical kind of representations of the devil or even evil on celluliod, then the idea of a octopus-faced sea devil is truly novel. And the idea works.
POTC-II though quite enjoyable, kind of hangs in certain places and no dearth of animatronics and barnacle-encrusted seadogs can save it from being so.
Depp reminded me throughout of Jeremy Brett in this movie with his fleeting grins and off the cuff remarks. The same way Brett was Holmes, Depp is Sparrow and I can’t wait for the 2nd sequel. 
You dont bring back Hector Barbossa and not have a scalawaggy time of it, do you?

All critiques aside, this movie is FUN, and is enjoyable purely on that account alone.

The House of a 1000 corpses

I got to know of Rob Zombie and the oeuvre of his works courtesy the Good Samaritan (pbuh) and I started off with the Devil’s Rejects. It got me curious enough to want to watch the movie that started it all. But alas…it splattered, and how!
While the Devil’s Rejects was tautly made and isn’t deliberately titillating per se, ‘The House….’ is very much of that ilk.
The Firefly family are sadists, cannibals and the kind of “people” who have elevated suffering, pain and mutilations to an artform.
But what I did NOT expect was a host of other characters who resemble the Creature from the Black Lagoon and Swamp Thing to crawl out from the nooks and crannies and remind me of Jason and Crystal Lake.

The movie is unhinged to say the least. Sheri Moon’s high-pitched and inane laughter each time she strikes a blow and terror into her victims was grating on the nerves and very typical of a deranged individual and terribly B-grade Elviraish movie-type as well. Those days when the evil doctor or the crazed psychopath lets loose that ‘spine-tingling’ all-important maniacal laughter are very passe and ineffective. 
Sure, if you watch Boris Karloff or Christopher Lee doing it, it still makes sense because they’re from that era where movies were made in a particular fashion and evil had to conform to the stereotypical notions of being bad, ugly and scary.

But this movie seems more contrived and the dark humor forced. Maybe more so because it centers around Halloween’s Eve and Halloween itself and every sick freak who thinks himself the devil’s incarnate or worse is out in full regalia and trying to harness his powers and invoke the spirit of darkness, under the full moon. I mean c’mon….is cliched what you were aiming for Rob?

But the movie’s been shot well and especially parts where the victims are being dispatched are shown in a manner which isnt grade A slasher. But the weirdass line-up of half-dead hellish assistants that the Firefly family keeps on hand is laughable!. One guy actually seemed like a cross between Predator and an unmasked Jason.

All in all? It was boring and so not up the expectations. Go straight for Devil’s Rejects…this one will entertain only the very avid Zombie fans or those who can deal with gore and entrails and sadistic perversions 24/7.

vroooooooom! great movie

Pixar people are bar none, geniuses!!
Just came back from seeing CARS!! . That’s right, it took a while to come to Hyd’bad but it did and it was worth the wait. Had taken the mater along and she loved it too.
This movie really cuts across age groups and genuinely makes people sit up in their seats and eagerly wait for the next moment.
You won’t ever feel you are watching inanimate objects in a mere cartoon flick. Randy Newman has again scored an imminently listenable soundtrack and the new rendition of ‘life is a highway’ isn’t bad at all. It isn’t Tom Cochrane, but really not bad at all.
There are parts in the movie where you begin to feel that it isnt animated at all and is actually a live-action one. The characterizations are laugh-out-loud funny and touching at times too.
The gruff judge, the buck-teeth towtruck and the hubba-hubba Porshe and the entire riot of characters just make it worth watching again and again.
I know I’m excitable but this movie induces that “wow-whatta-great-movie-and-total-paisa-vasool” feeling totally!

The best part of Pixar animated films is the short film that preceeds the actual movie. Some of these have gone onto win Oscars as well. And this one is great too!

For those of you who havent seen either yet, go NOW!!

Lady in the Water was way too watery!!

Shyamalan’s been making movies which cater to the preternatural in the scheme of things. But this last movie of his may end up biting the dust.
For one thing, it’s slower than a slug and the other is that it doesn;t build up pace so picking it up later is somewhat difficult.
Fairy tales can and do tempt, entertain people of all ages but its not the elements of it merely but also the mode of narration.
While the movie employs characters which bring comic relief, angst et al in their wake; after a point it someone falls flat. And you are felt of a feeling of what the hell happened here?

The characters of Paul Giamatti (who is seriously looking to be typecast after Sideways), and the water sprite girl fail to hold interest. Sarita Choudhary and Shyamalan (he has very pretty eyes) add some kind of flavor to the movie, but it’s flailing and not tangy enough.

It seemed to me that Shyamalan made this movie purely because he wanted to and not because he wanted to play to the galleries entirely. Which is fine. The movie, however, is not.

movie review-omkara

Hyperbole killed the fun. 
The movie was definitely NOT usual bollywood fare. But the over-enthusiastic responses that I’d  got from my pals had made me so agog. too agog I think.
These are the things that I was thinking while watching it-
1)Who told Ajay Devgan that being monosyllabic was the way to establish that you’re the serious type and are all business?

2)Why was Ajay walking around like he had a major hardon? The man couldn’t walk straight in any scene in the movie?

3)Why did people go blue in the face talking about the gaali-factor of the movie? Anyone who knows UPites, Haryanvis, Delhites will know that the profanities have been worked into the script to preserve it’s natural tone. It definitely was not over the top.

4)Kareena looks innocent when she cries, but playing a deglamed role doesn’t necessarily constitute acting per se. She should stick to the “Poo” roles. She was born to be fluffy-headed.

5)Vivek Oberoi honestly didn’t have a role. But being associated with this kind of a line-up will give a boost in his excuse for a film career.

6)Saif- the man has gone through a total metamorphosis since his initial days as a second lead. He can adapt, get into the skin of the character and delivers a very credible performance.

7)The man of the moment- Vishal Bhardwarj. Few people can make the transition from a music director to a film director and churn out fare that people have to chew before being able to appreciate the taste. His isn’t the stuff that you can chug down straightaway. His series on Shakespeare and the delightful Makdee just goes to show that there are no limits on creativity at all!

This movie is worth a looksee just for the music and also to see what a “different” and good Hindi movie looks like.

back on track…

-with the kinds of ups&downs that had been happening of late, this weekend came as a breath (read gust) of fresh air.
-caught up with a good friend after a loong time and we kinda started to put wonky stuff in our relationship right. it’s still kinda wobbly but not prostrated so hurrah!!
-have been told definitely by the powers that be that i will not have to travel to the jungles of s’pally for this sem atleast and will have to take classes and labs for the seniors at a location very conveniently located near the ol’ homestead and other places of debauchery!!
-downloaded a NOICE pic of brandon routh (yeah i know, schoolgirl crush and all that jazz) and it’s got a total monalisa thing going for it. no matter which part of my room i move to, brandon keeps looking at me with that look and it’s quite a “look” if you know what i mean…
speaking of the ol’ gal (mrs.lisa), the movie surrounding her creator is a total and complete DUD! someone from k’la sent me a cd…bhagwan jaaney kahan se copy kiya tha…but the bad print was the only good thing in the movie. tom hanks is WOODEN to the extent he can portray an entire redwood forest and ms.tatou is french with a vengeance but la femme is tres dull and listeless and seems so woolly-headed you wonder how she studies for the part of being a cryptologist.
ian, ian, ian…baby you shudda lived out the rest of your life resting on your laurels playing gandalf….he cant even do the role of a snooty brit guy for crying out loud!!
rated this movie an ‘all digits down”!!
you know, i realised that today’s been so chipper-inducing because man(&woman) and nature came together to create the perfect sawaan ki ghata and the kind of camaraderie that seldom happens and when it does, it kind of lasts for the entire duration of the day and kind of gives impetus to everything that comes into it’s ambit.
am i happy…yeah…good start to the grind ahead i guess

phust dey phust sow

wokay! where do i begin?
got up (read-got pushed outta bed).
went to work only there was NO work to be done per se…
herded the brats into the bus only to find they were going willingly and i was made redundant.
got caught by the big guy and he asked me to do dumb stuff like babysit them for a while longer..who knows how long that wudda been?
played hooky and got 2 others to run away with me too…
came down to central and saw SUPERMAAAAN!!!
after a long,long,really long time saw a first day-first show and that kinda made it all the more fun for me.
the new guy’s a dish!!!! he’s got that all-important home-grown, pure look. clean,wholesome and a nice cleft in his chin that makes you wanna….(censored)
anyhow, that apart the movie’s not hubba-hubba material at all. i’d honestly gone to see spacey and see if he’d be able to outdo gene hackman. he wasnt. but i still like him! 
anyhow,kate bosworth as lois lane is a total mismatch coz she doesnt AT ALL have the “go-for-the-jugular” approach of a journalist and neither can she play a high-strung woman the way margot kidder used to.
technically better? yes. but that’s about it.
is the man gonna be able to make moolah and come back as superman returns yet again-quite possibly.
do i wanna take him to mom and later go into a khopcha with him? MOST definitely!

royale indeed!

the good samaritan (GS-pbuh) who’d lent me “interesting” movies to pass time while i played chowkidar at home,had given me one which was a doozy!
it was hailed as being a cross between “a clockwork orange” and “lord of the flies” but i found it to resemble the latter more than the former. btw the movie was “battle royale”. 
the characters are a bunch of schools kids who’re viewed as complete mavericks by their government and to weed out the undesirables they (big brother) launch an exercise which tests their humanity,their psyches and is literally a race to avoid death as the survival of the fittest asserts itself and natural selection finds itself pushed into the corner.
the pace of the film is slick, and there arent any gimmicks to shock a response out of you.
it’s totally in your face.brutal,mayhem and the savagery of human nature exposed with it’s fangs bared!
totally worth a 2nd look and a 3rd!

fanaa ne humko fanaa nahin kiya!

saw the movie.
liked it. 
dint love it.
went gaga over aamir’s intense looks.
lead pair’s chemistry was GOOD.
hindi cinema’s technically come of age.
i LOVE subhanallah!!! it’s sexy!
watch the movie for being slightly hatke,
for not having a stereotypical happy ending
&because it’s fun.

in other news….
LISTEN to “ya ali” from gangster…sensous song!
it makes me wanna go wild on the dance floor. the remix version i.e

just had an amazing joyride back from the temporary campus.
a colleague fulfilled a long-time aashaa of riding on a low-slung bike
he has an enticer and is a roadwarrior!!!
 for those who know hyd’bad traffic…
we drove from medchal highway to b’hills and coming to screeching halts from time to time.
it was slightly less stressful-inducing than taking classes :o)

now if i can only go see da vinci code and go on another joyride,this time at night,
 and on the bombay-pune highway i’ll be happy!!!
i know, i know…if wishes were dreams and all that jazz!