wokay! where do i begin?
got up (read-got pushed outta bed).
went to work only there was NO work to be done per se…
herded the brats into the bus only to find they were going willingly and i was made redundant.
got caught by the big guy and he asked me to do dumb stuff like babysit them for a while longer..who knows how long that wudda been?
played hooky and got 2 others to run away with me too…
came down to central and saw SUPERMAAAAN!!!
after a long,long,really long time saw a first day-first show and that kinda made it all the more fun for me.
the new guy’s a dish!!!! he’s got that all-important home-grown, pure look. clean,wholesome and a nice cleft in his chin that makes you wanna….(censored)
anyhow, that apart the movie’s not hubba-hubba material at all. i’d honestly gone to see spacey and see if he’d be able to outdo gene hackman. he wasnt. but i still like him! 
anyhow,kate bosworth as lois lane is a total mismatch coz she doesnt AT ALL have the “go-for-the-jugular” approach of a journalist and neither can she play a high-strung woman the way margot kidder used to.
technically better? yes. but that’s about it.
is the man gonna be able to make moolah and come back as superman returns yet again-quite possibly.
do i wanna take him to mom and later go into a khopcha with him? MOST definitely!