too many things to process, to many things to deal with and too much to implement all in one go.
 one good news? stopped mom’s amarnath journey!! she’s too damn young to be going on the whole char-dham routine!! but seriously though why deliberately endanger your life just coz it’s fun and ardous to climb all the way up there to see a stalactite or a stalagmite!!

the students are finally being moved to the new campus!!! AMEEN. so we’re doing admin work and herding them into the buses with their baggages and their attitudes to boot.  and from monday onwards i’ll be travelling 40 kms one way to get to work…aiyyo guruvayyurappa!!

people who’re new to hyd’bad are being referred to yours truly coz it seems i have contacts. even if i dont and they call up at all times with “bon” (sister in bong), “didi”, “beta” and whatnots! all with their hands out to be tugged along while they make their way along the “mean” streets of hyd’bad…BAH!!!

friends who’re “happily married” are taking the trouble to call me up, mail and warn me off against the dangers of wedlock and i had to go through a terribly boring dinner last night wherein my single status was discussed at length and i think ppl might want to take up actions wherein the status gets changed at the earliest!!!
eeeks!!! need to sleep, need to hibernate actually…
where’s the valium when i need it?


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