i have always been inclined to like stuff based on tactile or olfactory sensations. and today a pretty strong memory got evoked just by a smell.
a friend of mine recently gave me a pack of gum which has been lying in my handbag for a while now. i was in a state of flux when i met with him and had just thrust the gum in the bag and had forgotten all about it.
a colleague was rooting through my bag today for something to munch on before class and found the packet and opened it. a nice cinnamon smell wafted through the room and a very lucid kind of picture sprang up in front of my eyes of me with certain people, talking about certain things and somehow it was all connected by that thread of cinnamon….
btw, that same colleague dint close the flap on the packet and all the gum pieces were scattered in the bag and now i positively smell like a cinnamon factory and even the dough in wallet is giving off a nice apple-pie kinda smell…
at the risk of looking kooky,  i think i’ll sit in the last seat on the bus back home and sniff the wallet! :o)