durga Originally uploaded by ag80.Didn't have the handycam or the regular camera around when I took this one. The white stuff, which I used to think of as thermocol is actually something called 'shola' and is a kind of tree sap which is fragile but hard enough for designs to be carved on it.The tiaras,... Continue Reading →


new kitten2 Originally uploaded by ag80.This lil (and it's LIL) kitten was discovered by Ma today morning on our chairs. The proud mother is a lady of the night and enjoys the lascivious company of the local toms.Anyhow, there must be more lil ones somewhere but this the only young' un i could find.The mom... Continue Reading →

chameli baug

chameli baug Originally uploaded by ag80.This is the epitome of ultimate penury! me and 2 of my friends were working for TISS (they pay peanuts!!!) and we were doing a project in Gujarat. The boss lady went incommunicado in Papua New Guinea, the rains lashed Baroda and our money ran out and light went out... Continue Reading →


The last GD is practically over!! and then no more annoying, smart-assed young gents and ladies bickering amongst themselves, shouting themselves hoarse to get heard and be announced as "da man"!Praise the Lord!!Only a few more days and then the interviews will be done too!!thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou LORD!

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