Ever have one of those weeks (of course you have!) where you get into work all pepped up and by lunch time realised that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew?
Well this week was all that and more. There was the usual routine in the office, mom had errands at home that needed to be done, I had taken on some freelance work thinking that I could do it, and then the guests arrived. Oh, did I mention that a friend is also getting married and there are things to attend related to that as well?
When I unloaded this heap of fatigue-inducing stuff onto a close friend, he (the dear he is) turned on me and ticked me off and finally put the phone down in a huff! And his huff continued for another day. I mean, c’,mon on! Who is the stressed out, coffee-gurgling person here? You or me.
But as I discovered, concern comes in many ways. The same friend came with me for one of the assignments I had taken on. Although he firmly refused to let me use him as a pillow during transit. And my mother had gone a step further and kept the nice (but demanding) relations at bay and had laid out everything I’d need for the wedding tomorrow, on my bed and left me plenty of camomile tea.
AH! Bliss. 
Thank goodness for mothers (and the friends who tick you off for your own good). The galactic ameba did something right when He/ She/ It fashioned them.

Now I will wait till the sight-seeing group returns. Do my pranaams, hugs, hi’s and gobble up dinner and run to my bed as if it’s the Last Siesta :o)