Shyamalan’s been making movies which cater to the preternatural in the scheme of things. But this last movie of his may end up biting the dust.
For one thing, it’s slower than a slug and the other is that it doesn;t build up pace so picking it up later is somewhat difficult.
Fairy tales can and do tempt, entertain people of all ages but its not the elements of it merely but also the mode of narration.
While the movie employs characters which bring comic relief, angst et al in their wake; after a point it someone falls flat. And you are felt of a feeling of what the hell happened here?

The characters of Paul Giamatti (who is seriously looking to be typecast after Sideways), and the water sprite girl fail to hold interest. Sarita Choudhary and Shyamalan (he has very pretty eyes) add some kind of flavor to the movie, but it’s flailing and not tangy enough.

It seemed to me that Shyamalan made this movie purely because he wanted to and not because he wanted to play to the galleries entirely. Which is fine. The movie, however, is not.