Breakfast Conversations On A Sunday

After a slightly longer than usual week where TO tested positive and then negative for Covid; we are back to enjoying family time around the dining table. And it feels great! It’s lovely hearing him prattle along where I can share those amused side-eye glances with Red instead of the three of us being in different parts of the house and staying apart out of necessity.

Everything from triple-decker sandwiches to Elon Musk to mutation gets discussed if TO is game and if Red’s in the mood to indulge in curiosity; which he usually is. I usually eat when I sit at the dining table and my mouth doesn’t open for much else.

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Speaking of Mr.Musk, his latest announcement (read it here) was being discussed at the table when TO said it was both illegal and dangerous. When Red tried to tell him how it might be beneficial, TO said he thought people who put things in other peoples’ heads were the “M-word”. He actually said it as the “M-word”.

Now this is where a bit of a backstory is needed. I’m an ok driver. I’m not so much of an ok-curser. I curse. In 3 languages no less depending upon the mood I’m in and SADLY on many of those occasions, an impressionable but thankfully distractible child has been sitting behind me and has absorbed quite a few of those choice words.

Let it be known that the same child still has to be told a million times about where his dirty clothes ought to go or why the sticky peanut buttered-spoon shouldn’t end up on the sofa upholstery but when his mother questions someone’s parentage or expresses her views on where a person can take their turn signal and how far up they can stick it up a body cavity; his ears become like this-

Anyhoo, with TO dropping something akin to a potential A-bomb (for me) at the dining table, Red and I asked him uber casually what he thought the “M-word” was and my heart sprouted wings and flew away when he mouthed the word- MORON.

Thank you Galactic Ameba…I still have more time left before Red dishes out one of these looks at me again-

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When Negative Is The New Positive

I think it suffices to say that it has been a wonky year. For me I would push it back a bit more to the trip to Spain which had an unfortunate moment (read about it here) followed by other learnings+incidents that have led up to me sitting on the couch before the alarm goes off, early on a Friday morning. Only a hermit entirely cut off from the world around them will know that things are less than ideal.

Since mid-March our experiences have been like nothing else we’ve ever gone through till now. A mask and gloves are as essential as clothes. Washing hands has been elevated to a THING with everyone from celebs to cartoon characters demonstrating the optimum time and best way to do it. My friend’s chubby-cheeked 2 year old learnt to wash her hands with an efficiency that surpassed that of people 10xs her age and we dealt with the dreaded C-word in our own home before long.

And I would like to say that “it has passed” but it hasn’t. The positive sign has been flipped to negative and people in isolation are out and about with hugs and kisses being given freely again. But the unknowns about this disease being what it is, one doesn’t entirely feel safe.

Either paranoia rules or people get into the mode of what Trump has shined a major spotlight on- “it is what it is

I usually get through my tough times by making jokes, talking or writing about them (read it here). Helps to purge the system in a way but over the past few days it was as if my hands and brain decided they were at war. If one was active, the other decided to be entirely inert and passive.

The hands were itching to write but the mind refused to give up its thoughts. When the mind bubbled over, the hands seemed to be heavily weighed down and didn’t want to type out the words.

And yet we got through because of family, friends and most importantly; a wonderful support system that I saw spring up since the start of the first Covid cases in my community.

People called, sent food, sent good wishes, prayed over us, went above and beyond to look out for us and ultimately kept us going.

We in turn looked at lightening the load a bit by listening to music, eating healthy, watching stand up comedy and talking things out with people we love.

There were daily Nerf wars at home which is the only time I have been happy and comfortable with the idea of shootouts.

So while it can seem very confusing, frustrating and even depressing to not know when things will “get back to normal”, what has become evident is we cannot go back to where we were; we can only go forward. Have a plan in place for what to do if the worst case scenario comes to be, call on the Galactic Ameba about it never happening and if the universe still decides not to play ball- just ride it out the best you can. It get easier as the days go by.

We’ve had online classes, meetings, birthdays, fitness classes, doctors’ consultations and begun to view sanitisers as an extension of our own limbs.

We have learnt to bump elbows to say hello and our knuckles haven’t been used to this extent since before Man learnt to stand up straight and walk.

We have learnt to prioritise to a large extent about what is important and what we can let go of. What will necessitate stepping out the house Vs what is an indulgence that will require another 10-15 of sanitising 10 different surfaces before any kind of enjoyment can be derived out of it.

We’ve learnt that while indulgence is satisfying, it can come with a price at the end of the day. We’ve learnt to care more about the place we live in since we are responsible for the upkeep of it in a way we weren’t earlier and we have learnt to count out blessings. Anew.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not turning into a 24/7 chipper person. I still feel like getting into a Three Stooges-mode and throwing a pie in the face of a-constantly happy and positive person.

I still don’t like those forwards about happiness, maxims and goody-goody platitudes on social media every time I blink but I am genuinely grateful for that Positive that turned into a Negative and have realised that in a world that seems upside down; you can still be standing right side up.

P.S: I haven’t suddenly turned into a cat lady. But cat and especially kitten videos have really been cheering me up. Curative- mind and body both…whoda thunk!


All Roads Lead To…

Kondapochamma Sagar Reservoir! Read about the place here.

Ever since the papers published news of a newly inaugurated reservoir in the outskirts of the city, hordes of Hyderabadis have been heading out with with that target in mind- Kondapochamma Sagar or bust!

The roads were a veritable showroom of SUVs and MUVs all the way up and down the reservoirs..

And since it had been well over a month that we had stepped out as a family, we decided to see what the fuss about all about and took off yesterday in the pouring rains, with some (unhealthy) snacks for TO, some (proper) lunch for us three and loads of music.

Some could call the day dreary but the three of us liked it quite a bit. With lush greenery on both sides of the road and a fine mist all around, it was soothing and clean with the rains washing away all the dust and grime that piles up. And in this weather, some sights stand out more than others…

Mandatory family picture…
Shivering in the cold rains…

We saw some sights, munched on snacks, gave TO the stink-eye for wanting too much junk food and enjoyed the cold rain. I would choose rain over being indoors and worrying about the state of the world anyway! Happy weekend people. Go out and take a break…we’ll have enough time to come back and ponder upon the whys and wherefores in the months to come!

The Problem Of Plenty-Part Deux

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This morning I was startled awake by a different kind of ringing sound that am not used to hearing.

I jumped out of bed trying to locate it when the lit screen of the iPad alerted me to an incoming FaceTime call.

How to Set Up FaceTime on iPhone - MacRumors

I rushed over to see an unknown US number and connected the call to see two little kids happily walking around in the sun and trying desperately to get my attention by yelling, “Hey! Where are you? Why can’t we see you? ARE YOU THERE???!!”

I tried to answer and tell them that it was a wrong number but the call dropped and from then on every couple of seconds the kids would call but wouldn’t be able to hear me or see me.

Zombie Walk Cycle by Eric Neff on Dribbble

I did the only thing possible- put the ringer on mute and zombie lurched my way back to bed and managed to not stub my toe for a change.

And then it really began…the other iPads started buzzing together, all in different parts of the house!!

God have mercy!!

Where Is That Sound Coming From GIF - SuperMan Action ...

Do you know what it is to be practically blind without glasses, be not quite awake and trying to locate 2 loudly buzzing devices in different parts of the house purely on the strength of sound? I didn’t either. Till this morning.

So if I sound overly entitled because I realised we have too many devices at home or have too big a house, I can be forgiven because there were two munchkins who would NOT stop calling and yelling at me to talk to them without knowing they were making a series of calls to a wrong number!

Moving day feels. So. Much. Stuff! - Mobile Truck Rental | Facebook

As it is, I’m a write-off before caffeine hits my system. There are just something you cannot be her accountable for- one is strange kids calling you before you’re completely awake and wanting you to talk to them!

My Week Till Now…

This week signals one month since TO’s school started again…online albeit. And it’s been oh so interesting.

I feel for the teachers, I really do. While the children have my sympathies since this is hardly the most optimum way of doing things, the teachers have to manage home and hearth plus keep an eye on the kids, critique their work and pretend their heads are not likely to explode from all the chatter and noise from the classes.

You have your ‘first benchers‘ and ‘back benchers‘ for online classes as well. The former are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed all day long and the latter are a mix who have multiple tabs open for games, surfing the internet, daydreaming or annoying their mothers for food.

There are also kids who spend nearly the entire duration saying “Ma’am ma’am ma’am” followed by one of these litanies or just saying Ma’am because they just seem to like the sound of the word quite a bit:

  • my internet isn’t working
  • my camera isn’t working
  • your audio isn’t working
  • I can’t see you
  • what are we supposed to do
  • I have to go to the bathroom
  • where are we supposed to submit the work?

Never underestimate the extent of hunger and sleep a child can experience till they have a class they need to get to or an assignment whose deadline’s passed. Anyhow, that’s all there is about the classes. Then there’s the near constant rain that’s putting a frown on TO’s face. Because that means that he can’t go out and cycle or play cricket.

Last night before going to bed he looked out the window and say that it was STILL raining and would probably rain all night long as well, rendering the cricket pitch a soggy mess for the next day and this ensued- a small enraged human stomping around saying, ” Oh F-word, F-word, F-word, F-word….ughhh F-WORDDDD!! Red looked at me with the censure that’s ever-present whenever TO drops an unsanctioned word. I shrugged and said, “at least he self-censored”.

Speaking of F-words and others which aren’t sanctioned in “polite” company, I end up dropping a bushel’s worth whenever I’m in my online fitness class. Fitness and I are age-old enemies. I nurture the flab and life keeps putting me in Fitness’s way for a series of activities which makes me feel like my body is turning into a pretzel and not in a good way.

I’ve noticed something though; every activity that has an animal’s name associated with it, barring the Cobra, makes me feel like the world as we know it, is about to end with me exploding in a burst of guts without the glory. You also get weird thoughts in your head like, “Burpees have nothing to do with burps at all!!

Be as that may, it’s a good way to get your blood pumping but at the end of everything you wish for a personal masseuse and a sauna with no husband and child around who look at you to provide food, read to them or cuddle while you are a puddle of sweat and bad muscle tone. NAMASTE


When two people set off a chain reaction that still has them smiling, facepalming and being gobsmacked with unfailing regularity…