Discussions on life and beyond

TO’s ideas about life and death are shaped quite a bit by the things he sees online. And since he sees more grown- up content these days vis-a-vis Mickey Mouse Club House, Noddy et al, death is portrayed more in the Occidental way than it is the Oriental or Indian way. He’s seen characters who visit graves of their loved ones and thinks that’s the way we roll too. Of course, till now he’s been lucky to not lose anyone he really loves.

Last evening the topic of me and Red not being there came up. Dunno how exactly but it might have arisen out of the talk about TO growing up and doing things more by himself without our help or our supervision. And when he gets going about the future he paints a very elaborate picture. It’s seldom a few things mentioned offhand; it’s always a well-etched scenario.

So yesterday TO started off by saying, “When you and P die I’ll have to do things on my own. But I’ll visit your graves and let you know how I’m doing.” Instead of going “awww” I told him a bit tersely (I was in the middle of a challenging puzzle) that “we wouldn’t be buried because we’d be cremated as per our religion. To that the answer came, “I wouldn’t burn you!! (horrified tone). I’ll bury you so you’ll always be there and I’ll put flowers on your grave and if you become ghosts you’ll have a place to go back to after you come see how I’m doing.”

This kind of long-term logistical planning really needs a pat on the back.

And Poof! It was gone…

I really don’t like pigeons. They are nature’s poop-factories and the bane of statues everywhere. They’re like these neurotic birds who keep walking in circles, bobbing their heads while they lay their dumb eggs everywhere they aren’t supposed to be building a nest and then pooping around it as well. Stupid birds.

The parapet outside TO’s room is guano-central and possibly a pigeon graveyard. There have been quite a few dead chicks there over the last year and wouldn’t you know it; the adult birds just keep doing their weird walk and keep walking over the decomposing body. Talk about being stoic!

I’ve never seen a pigeon catch a caterpillar, eat a spider or even a house lizard. All those useful things are done by eagle-eyed owls, raptors and other non-stupid birds. But pigeons will dance around, poop, dance around again and then fly off. Their version of Eat, Pray, Love could very well be

Anyhoo, the reason for my tirade is that I was driving down the road where right from the people to the stray dogs all moved away but two pigeons were doing their round’n’round zombie walk. I honked and expected to see a flurry of wings but instead there was a puff of feathers in the driver’s side window. And then there was a lump in the road…with another bird still going on its merry circular way.

I have never killed anything barring mosquitoes and a few bugs here and there and as much as I dislike those poopsters, I didn’t want to run one over either.

Aaargh. Stupid neck-jerking, feather-shedding, statue-defiling feathery puffs!