are fun! They are easy and uncomplicated. You watch them because you know there's fun, drama, tears, shock, eye-rolling moments all packed in. And because they are reruns, you never really mind pausing them, running errands in between or putting it off for another day. You know Rachel gets off the plane. You know Meredith … Continue reading Reruns

In The Dance Of Life…

I often suffer from tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon. My husband would disagree entirely given how often he gets a pained look on his face when I keep gabbing away or how quickly he reminds me that it's really late and I should be FAST ASLEEP already! There are occasions when a particular concept floats into my head … Continue reading In The Dance Of Life…

Movie Review: Arjun Reddy

After a long time, 10 years to be precise, I watched a Telugu movie- Arjun Reddy and enjoyed it quite a bit. As a person who doesn't have too much fluency in the language, scratch that...I can make do if I have to, else I nod my head along to pretty much everything; I didn't … Continue reading Movie Review: Arjun Reddy

Of Deaf Leopards&Animal Scat

I'd overslept this morning and headed out to the gym midday, MLM in tow. Boy! That should have tipped me off exactly what would ensue while driving those measly 4 kms. But by all means, let me wax on and wax off Daniel-San! Sorry, couldn't help the last bit. Watched the original movie after ages and … Continue reading Of Deaf Leopards&Animal Scat