The Apartment Turns A Year Old

We will be completing a year in the new place or in the “new house” as MLM still calls it. He’s very clear it isn’t ‘home’ but the new house but I know it’s become home for us all.

I took the longest to settle in of the three of us. Red and the brat hit the ground running once we moved in but since the time that we decided to buy the place, get it ready to our specifications and finally move in, I guess I’ve spent the most time with the place.

I know in which room the tile is still a wee bit loose and makes a sound when you step on it, which room of the house gives you the best view of the world outside and how utterly fantastic it feels to walk in through the front door.

It’s not always about how much you labor towards something and then start to enjoy the result; it’s also about the things you feel when you start getting closer to the idea of you how wanted your own house or home to be. 

MANY years ago I was having dinner at the house of a couple who lived on a high-rise overlooking either the East or Hudson river; I forget which. Their apartment wasn’t all that great, it was a typical Manhattan apartment, compact, but it had an amazing view of the skyline and the river. The terrace was huge! You could’ve rebuilt half the apartment there!  Ever since that night when I was about 12 or so I’ve known how I wanted my home to look.

Fast forward to circa 2014 and we’re living a yuppie life with lots of trappings, fun, interesting new people who we’re getting to know better each time and the childish dream of a loft apartment keeps receding because the reality of this life is so, so, so much better.

And we get to see these guys when it rains…Peacocks on parade



Partial Year-End Review

2014 has been an interesting year by all accounts. We settled into a new place. I screamed at people who didn’t deliver on the specified timelines. A LOT.

We’ve seen the brat learn more and shock/surprise/amuse (take your pick) us to no end!

We’ve caught up with family on important occasions after a long while.

We’ve lost important people as well as gained new ones to cuddle.

We’ve encouraged piracy (the internet kind and NOT the Somalian kind) to no end and watched enough movies to make our bespectacled eyeballs pop out.

We’ve daydreamed some more. Found people to daydream about afresh.

We’ve been to new places, and revisited some old ones.

We’ve dealt with more plumbing issues than a person ought to in their life time.

We’ve taken pictures of any damn thing that dares to move and many that don’t.

Drank a lot of things. A lot.

And we’ve had lots of laughs.

And  I think that’s what’s been setting this year apart from the ones immediately preceding it…there have been so many more laughs this year that it kind of lifts it above the last few outright.

Here’s to more good times before 1st Jan comes our way.


Book Review: Heroes of Olympus- The Blood of Olympus


I prebooked the Kindle edition of way back in February and have been waiting for it ever since. The previous installments of the Heroes of Olympus were pretty great and Riordan had built up the momentum beautifully. It wasn’t as gripping as the Percy Jackson series but it was pretty damn captivating none the less.

Anyhow moving onto the grand finale of this series…I guess I had hyped up the extent of the excitement in my own head and the book by itself fell flat. I was far more kicked about seeing the book get downloaded on my Kindle on its own rather than the actual sequence of events that unfolded.

I will say this though- barring the Illiad no other book has ever got me this enthused about the Greek or Roman myths. Riordan brings to life the parallel universe of the Greek gods, their Roman counterparts, their foibles and their personalities in a humorous and at times emotional manner.

This isn’t just a book for children or people who love fantasy. I would recommend this body of work to anyone who likes to sink their teeth into a great narrative punch-full of imagination, strife, romance, twists in the tale and whatnots.

This book fell short on the following points-

  • the humor felt a bit forced and not as fluid as it normally is with Percy’s wisecracks and Leo’s overall irreverent attitude towards life.
  • the actually awakening of Gaia.
  • the interaction between the Gods and their offspring during the showdown with the giants.

All this isn’t to say that this might not go down well with the rest of Riordan’s huge reader base out there but I guess in the balance between expectation vs reality expectation battered down reality.

Sadly a fantastic series of books comes to an end. Awaiting the next gem from Riordan.

Write away Mythmagic Man! Your books have provided a helluva lot of good times over the last year.