Partial Year-End Review

2014 has been an interesting year by all accounts. We settled into a new place. I screamed at people who didn’t deliver on the specified timelines. A LOT.

We’ve seen the brat learn more and shock/surprise/amuse (take your pick) us to no end!

We’ve caught up with family on important occasions after a long while.

We’ve lost important people as well as gained new ones to cuddle.

We’ve encouraged piracy (the internet kind and NOT the Somalian kind) to no end and watched enough movies to make our bespectacled eyeballs pop out.

We’ve daydreamed some more. Found people to daydream about afresh.

We’ve been to new places, and revisited some old ones.

We’ve dealt with more plumbing issues than a person ought to in their life time.

We’ve taken pictures of any damn thing that dares to move and many that don’t.

Drank a lot of things. A lot.

And we’ve had lots of laughs.

And  I think that’s what’s been setting this year apart from the ones immediately preceding it…there have been so many more laughs this year that it kind of lifts it above the last few outright.

Here’s to more good times before 1st Jan comes our way.



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