never knew i'd turn out to be this kind of a hypocrite. there's a patient of my hospital who's undergoing a liver transplant right now and this man is ANNOYING to say the least!i've tried to avoid talking to him for long on the fone, or at all since he blabbers away to glory and doesnt... Continue Reading →

insipid movie!!!

Saw Pride and Prejudice a few nights ago. the best thing about the experience was the movie hall which was EXTREMELY comfortable and a total makeout haven in the dark....alas, mataji had accompanied me.Having seen  the BBC miniseries of P'n'P a few years ago I was duly biased and totally hot for Colin Firth's Darcy and... Continue Reading →

it's about to start raining again in a lil while...very unnatural for this time of the year in hyd'bad, or so the natives tell me. all around me lie wadded up tissue papers and the saigon kick is drowned out by my mom shouting at me to take the medicine already or to stop sneezing/coughing/moaning... Continue Reading →

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