kids say the darndest things!

had a bachchoo patient from bangladesh today. hyderabad is the city of wonders to him. hussain sagar,imax and in the old city i guess the lungiwalas kinda make him feel more comfy and more at home.anyhow this kid doesnt even stop to breathe when he talks and boy! can he talk...his mom had persuaded to … Continue reading kids say the darndest things!


i can be a “cunning linguist” also!

Linguist in TrainingYou scored 62% on Linggeekishness! You got more than half the answers correct, and some of these questions were tricky. Bravo!   My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender: You scored higher than 64% on Linggeekishness Link: The Language Geek Test written by Nomad206 on … Continue reading i can be a “cunning linguist” also!