kids say the darndest things!

had a bachchoo patient from bangladesh today. hyderabad is the city of wonders to him. hussain sagar,imax and in the old city i guess the lungiwalas kinda make him feel more comfy and more at home.
anyhow this kid doesnt even stop to breathe when he talks and boy! can he talk…his mom had persuaded to undergo a procedure today morning by telling him that she would take him to see hanuman at imax tonite…that was enuff for him! the entire hospital got to know about his good news.
finally he came to me and said in a very thoughtful way…even if he’s a god, he’s still a monkey right? when i replied in the affirmative he then said then we shud be able to find hanumanji on the trees&eating bananas instead of going to temples :o)
so i promised that we’d go looking for monkey swamy tomorrow…sure brought a smile to his face and made some crabby patients and snooty docs break into a genuine smile for the 1st in the day!

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