i had a thought….

i was having an interesting conversation with a friend last nite. i put forth the funda that majority of the people usually have a moment of clear rationality before they make even the most impulsive of decisions. therefore, the notion of i didnt know what i was doing kinda doesnt hold much water.
it’s not to indict anyone, or to point fingers at any kind of behavior per se but to basically find out that there does exist a free will and people do exercise unless their judgement maybe clouded by any kind of substances which would interfere with their normal cognitive processes.
i was once told by an individual that he dint know what to do in life. sure, from time to time people may get confused, or have too many things to choose from but to not have any freaking clue at all, was kind of hard to digest.
whether it’s a momentous decision that we’re about to make, whether it’s something that’s done when emotions of any kind are running high, isnt there one( atleast one i mean)moment of clarity which leaves the individual entirely free to choose which road to take next. i’m not saying that everyone can anticipate all the bumps in the road ahead but they DO know what they are getting into. dont they?

my sparring partner went off to greener pastures and left me hanging on for more counter-arguments, if you will :o(

educate me!

buenos dias!
i was going through some books last nite and i came across this list of words that i’d written down coz i wanted to look up and find out the exact meaning of.
i’ve been able to find quite a few of them online but can anyone tell me the exact meaning and context in which the phrase- caesar’s wife is used?
and while on the topic of phrases, check out jacob’s ladder the movie. tim robbins proves his quiet intensity belies his ability to really get into the skin of the person he’s portraying. whether it’s in the shawshak redemption, mystic river where he’s played a persona’s who is in essence a brooding personality with many many layers or in lighter movies( none of who’s names i can remember btw), he’s really BEEN the character he’s portrayed on screen.
ok i will stop acting like the president of the tim robbins’ fan club for now.ciao!

reading between the lines

read something truly appalling in the newspaper( today’s Deccan Chronicle)that the latest potter book whichis being heralded as the “new thing“in reading pleasure for people all across the world has come to us at a very heavy price! an entire jungle to be more precise! thewhole lot of  trees( the dihing-patkai forest of Tinsukhia, India) were mowed down so we could all find out the identity of the 1/2 blood prince! i’m not going to get on a idealistic and highly indignant moralistic high horse but in this day and age when everything boasts the tag of being recycled, to have let an entire forest perish seems just wanton waste!

This thing pretty much left a bad taste in my mouth. just this past weekend i was in a pretty busy neighborhood of hyd’bad and the trees that used to line the streets on both sides were gone and the roads were all dug up and it looked horrid! i mean do we really need all these malls which are going to end up selling the same damn branded clothes and have the same damn eateries, lining up all over the city? why not have some shady spots for a change? some place where one can get away from the cacophony of the entire day?!

i mean social responsibility notwithstanding, doesnt it just make sense of have someting natural abound instead of having a backdrop of concrete as far as the eye can see?

yet another book review

i’ve got a pretty decent collection of childrens books. all relics of my school days in nyc where our teachers would make sure we read atleast 10 pages per day and then write about what we liked in it and what we dint and why.
i was sorting through my junk in the basement and i came across a book from my 3rd grade called ‘charlotte’s web’. and i was pleasantly surprised to find the book was not only immensely readable even now but it was written beautifully and the words almost paint a picture of the setting, right in front of your eyes.
it dint read like a kiddy book and kiddy book alone.
was kinda nice to go back to 3rd grade and even nicer to read stuff which doesnt require to be read between the lines. what you see is only what you get.

when is an argument not an argument?

according to a dictionary entry an argument is the simple act of people disagreeing with each on any issue whatsoever. i thought different. still do kinda. for me an argument was raised voices, or icily cold ones and none of the people concerned backing down and basically a negativistic kind of air developing around the entire situation.
had a ‘argument’ last nite with a friend of mine and i was steamed up but i was enjoying the sparring immensely.
so if you enjoy it, can it still be an argument?
mebbe i should just ape an interesting person i met sometime back and throw away the conventional dictionary and make up one of my very own, with my fundas.wot say you people?

book review

just finished the new potter book. got up at what’s effectively the crack of dawn for me, to go and queue up for it along with kiddies who were giving me ‘looks’.

it maybe all fantasy, magicking an whatnots but it’s written beautifully. this woman has a flair for making the most bizarre things come alive in front of your eyes and the situations depicted are fantastic only as far as the fantasy elements so, else it’s a tale everyone can relate to…the coming on age, the realisation of one’s abilities, the potentials yet untapped, the falling in love, or falling in like with that particular someone, or the Aha! experience when you realise your inclination towards someone…i guess i’m more focussed on the personal front becoz harry finally gets a semblance of a social life together in this book.

i’ve been reading harry potter for a while now, though i was a late bloomer in terms of being a potterati, and jk rowling’s chronicled his entire life in front of her reader’s eyes and each new book entails a trip down memory lane-where we were when harry was getting into his last hair raising escapade et al…

for those not disdainful of reading fantasy-related stuff, pick up this book asap! it’s well worth the delve into it’s pages.



for the past few months, the work load has been at an all time low! it’s been monotonous, it’s been sluggishly lethargic and it’s been brain numbing!

 and that really bites coz when i had the work i had a reason to shirk it off and play hooky and now i honestly dont have a reason not to work…i read, i chat, read peoples’ posts and have increased my chances of getting even thicker glasses becoz of the amount of time i spend gazing love-struck into the comp’s screen…it’s my only escape from the almost total inertia that’s been prevailing of late.

damn leeches at work! they take all the fun outta being lazy for it’s own sake!! there’s no justice in this world mon :o(

hidden reserve of strength?

it’s absolutely amazing the resilience people have. sometimes without even knowing that they possess such fortitude.
things which had the power to crumble your defences in a split second suddenly seem so insignificant and innocuous…it’s like they almost never existed for you before now.
it’s like that lil kid in monsters inc who suddenly realises that her boogeyman is just a ridiculous looking lizard and not the creepy scary creature who had her cowering in fear.
here’s to being liberated.

PS: if this makes no sense…get used to it…i have these flights of ‘inspiration’ all the time.

movie review

saw the movie sarkar last nite. it was more tautly made than a lot of the movies being churned out by the dozen in bollywood but somewhere along the line it’s become mandatory for an actor to be recognized in a “serious” kind of a role by getting an intense brooding look, bloodshot eyes and trying to get their eyes to do all the talking and basically ‘non-verbal communication rules’ kinda thing! there’s also a nerve that has to keep ticking in either the forehead or along their jaw for the audience to know that the actor is under stress of experiencing an intense kinda emotion. so ultimately along with the stereotypical dialogues we now have a limited repertoire of stereotypical body language that is supposed to be deployed in the case of a serious movie…i wish for once someone would watch learn from people like harvey keitel, holly hunter, susan sarandon instead of just ‘trying’ to be method actors based on roles which have made people famous in the mainstream!