i was having an interesting conversation with a friend last nite. i put forth the funda that majority of the people usually have a moment of clear rationality before they make even the most impulsive of decisions. therefore, the notion of i didnt know what i was doing kinda doesnt hold much water.
it’s not to indict anyone, or to point fingers at any kind of behavior per se but to basically find out that there does exist a free will and people do exercise unless their judgement maybe clouded by any kind of substances which would interfere with their normal cognitive processes.
i was once told by an individual that he dint know what to do in life. sure, from time to time people may get confused, or have too many things to choose from but to not have any freaking clue at all, was kind of hard to digest.
whether it’s a momentous decision that we’re about to make, whether it’s something that’s done when emotions of any kind are running high, isnt there one( atleast one i mean)moment of clarity which leaves the individual entirely free to choose which road to take next. i’m not saying that everyone can anticipate all the bumps in the road ahead but they DO know what they are getting into. dont they?

my sparring partner went off to greener pastures and left me hanging on for more counter-arguments, if you will :o(