after a loong break

havent logged on or written in a while now. i was chewing on the ear of a pal who’s patience&indulgence with me in on the wane and he suggested ,”OH GO READ SOME BLOGS!!!”. so i thot why not write some, it’s been long enough.

ever hit that point in your life when things are going well, going good as a matter of fact. you’re one step away from complacency things are THAT streamlined and then stop short and ask ,”now what?”. not that you’ve seen all there is to see and done all there is to do but seriously now what?

everything i seem to come up with seems whimsical, whether it’s to chuck it all and go for a tour someplace and see the world, or even visit lesser known places in india, take up pottery, do something that’s VERY different, break the mold, think out of the box and blah blah so on and so forth. you dig?

by definition i think i might be inflicted with a weird strain of wanderlust. but it’s not ennui entirely that’s caught hold, it’s something that inspires or outright pushes me to DO something. only what that something is eludes me entirely.


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