have you ever wondered why?

you see certain things on the street and wonder WTF for crying out loud! people,usually of the lower socio-economic strata,dressed up nicely with gold,the zari saris and bhadkila shoes with chamkees all over them and you see their kids- BAREFOOT. what gives?really.
i saw some kids like that today, 2 little ones, hardly more than 5-7 and they were walking gingerly on the sidewalks because the ground was so hot and then the parents take them to even hotter asphalts. all the while being dressed to the nines themselves. never understood the logic.

y’day was the last day of work. it was kind of hectic to say the least! i thought it’d be one of those usual days and i’d come out at 5:30 with the usual ” i’ll be in touch” s and adios’. but there was a transplant all set to occur and the intended recipient was looking dicey from the surgery pov. so we called the back-up patient. wudnt you know she’d be unfit also? so we called a back-up for the back-up!!!
and here i thought i’d have a easy day of it. by the time i left for home i was feeling no wistfulness about quitting. all i wanted was someone to point out which way the bed lay and adios hospital!!!

all said and done, it’s the end of an era :o(

don wanna go today…

putting in the papers till now has never been a big thing, it was usually a short-termed project or a place which came with a specified tenure. but here i’m opting to move for the all-important change and betterment of the professional life.
weird how i feel it’s like the first day of summer break and i should be just lazing around and not really working.
or is this a wee bit of escapism?
every bit of change is accompanied by some amount of wistfulness.

something rotten in the state of denmark

i’d been introduced to shakespeare right from the lamb’s tales days. they NEVER really prepare you for the grimness or the actual depth of his creations. even his out and out comedies make a commentary in their light-hearted manner.
having said that, it hardly requires  to be stated that the darkness of his tragicomedies or his tragedies often makes one think on the events of the past and how things havent changed much in this day and age also.
we have shylocks now too, we have properos and silly creatures like mirandas and upright people like ferdinands. and we can always find a caliban in today’s world also. at times the bard of avon seems like a sooth sayer and at times he seems like a commentator of his times. the only difference being that his style was lyrical,and easier on the human condition by having been dramatised.

i saw a dramatization of hamlet with mel gibson and glenn close. gibson was hamlet and he was intense. he was so far removed from martin riggs at that time you couldnt have envisioned him as the chain-smoking cop. but back to the matter, hamlet is disturbing in the portrayal of the personalities which get fractured in the course of time. in king lear too, you can actually feel lear’s degradation at the hand his daughters and why leave macbeth and othello behind?! “vaulting ambition” and the forked-tongued iagos abound in our lives even now.

i wonder if Will knew how much of a prophet he’d turn out to be while he was trying to pay the bills and secure a patron for himself back then?

the sound of music

at times you experience a known thing and it hits you just how much you like it.  songs are like that. you keep hearing them over and over again without realising just how GOOD it feels!
here are a list of my favs

1)time of my life- dirty dancing OST
2)slave to love-brian ferry/9 1/2 weeks OST
3)not a dry eye in the house-meatloaf
4)(i just) died in your arms tonite-cutting crew
5)come undone-duran duran (this song is ULTIMATE! it’s sexy and it does something i swear!)
6)annie’s song-john denver
7)must have been love-roxette (cheesy i know but this song has got me through crushes real and imagined right from high school onwards)
8)run-snow patrol
9)if you asked me to-celine dion (the patti labelle one just  doesnt have the kick this madame’s has)
10)unchained melody-righteous brothers (felt one had to fall in love while listening to this song..it would be perfection)

on reflecting this does look like a girlie-type list but these songs are milestones/markers of instances good and not-so-good in my life so far. and have been in a way affirming. 

the book list follows shortly.

for pete’s sake why?

why is it that people who should ideally actually know you,act like the biggest strangers to your moods,needs,wants at times? and they pick those times very well. either you’re feeling vulnerable,moody or just feel like whinning a little but they’ll be so oblivious to you that you feel like doing the whole “main duniya se viraakt hokey jaa rahi hoon” routine.
and even then they’re like “have a good trip” and promptly fall back into whatever critical activity they were doing.
just generally feeling blah!
maybe a brisk bungee jump to help clear the cobwebs?

strike ’em all dead i say!!!

the beginning of another crappy day at work! and to think that i was feeling happy earlier that the criminal justice system in india actually works! the muscle-bound moron aka salman khan was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for poaching endangered species in Jodhpur…but alas! they’re going to appeal and knowing india’s propensity for letting off the page 3 crowd for their “lil indiscretions” this steroid-gulping centerfold will probably be walking free again, taking his skimpy shirts off as he moves his aging hinney to raucous stripper music. bah!
on a cuter note though, a while ago my colleague’s son wished me on my birthday. when i asked him what he wanted as a treat he told me imperiously that he wanted bahadurshah and 2 5 stars. the 5 star part i got, but the whole deal about wanting dead and gone mughal emperors kinda made me do the whole head scratching thingie.
later his mother was nice enough to solve the mystery-he wanted badusha..or balushai, the ghee wala mithai which looks like a gujia.
phew! almost had to get into some voodoo there!
aint kids the cutest!
since this is turning out to be a rambling rant i might as well say that the whole issue of the further reservation of seats vexes me. as does the untimely sultry weather we’re facing in hyd’bad these days. what was that about april showers again….
alright back to the grind for me. summore people i have to duel with today… S-I-G-H!

just finished reading the Simoqin Propehcies by Samit Basu. i’d heard of this book but somehow had kept away from it. these fantasy writers always seem to be hari puttar wannabes but i was pleasantly surprised by this guy. he’s brought together a myriad characters and borrowed so openly from other epics and stories and yet woven them in a tapestry of words which is solely his own.
i cant wait for the next one..this guy HAS a gift. it maybe silly at times and at times you feel certain places could have been tweaked before publication but it’s ENGROSSING! 
bongs are natural story tellers and i was smiling 1/2 the times at the typical names he’s chosen for his characters…pati lebu are you listening?
all in all, a good, fresh book. i’ve already begun to recommend it.
i think this time i’ll try to get the significant other to read it. he’s openly derisive of this kind of “genre’…read the sarcasm embedded.