something rotten in the state of denmark

i’d been introduced to shakespeare right from the lamb’s tales days. they NEVER really prepare you for the grimness or the actual depth of his creations. even his out and out comedies make a commentary in their light-hearted manner.
having said that, it hardly requires  to be stated that the darkness of his tragicomedies or his tragedies often makes one think on the events of the past and how things havent changed much in this day and age also.
we have shylocks now too, we have properos and silly creatures like mirandas and upright people like ferdinands. and we can always find a caliban in today’s world also. at times the bard of avon seems like a sooth sayer and at times he seems like a commentator of his times. the only difference being that his style was lyrical,and easier on the human condition by having been dramatised.

i saw a dramatization of hamlet with mel gibson and glenn close. gibson was hamlet and he was intense. he was so far removed from martin riggs at that time you couldnt have envisioned him as the chain-smoking cop. but back to the matter, hamlet is disturbing in the portrayal of the personalities which get fractured in the course of time. in king lear too, you can actually feel lear’s degradation at the hand his daughters and why leave macbeth and othello behind?! “vaulting ambition” and the forked-tongued iagos abound in our lives even now.

i wonder if Will knew how much of a prophet he’d turn out to be while he was trying to pay the bills and secure a patron for himself back then?


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