the sound of music

at times you experience a known thing and it hits you just how much you like it.  songs are like that. you keep hearing them over and over again without realising just how GOOD it feels!
here are a list of my favs

1)time of my life- dirty dancing OST
2)slave to love-brian ferry/9 1/2 weeks OST
3)not a dry eye in the house-meatloaf
4)(i just) died in your arms tonite-cutting crew
5)come undone-duran duran (this song is ULTIMATE! it’s sexy and it does something i swear!)
6)annie’s song-john denver
7)must have been love-roxette (cheesy i know but this song has got me through crushes real and imagined right from high school onwards)
8)run-snow patrol
9)if you asked me to-celine dion (the patti labelle one just  doesnt have the kick this madame’s has)
10)unchained melody-righteous brothers (felt one had to fall in love while listening to this would be perfection)

on reflecting this does look like a girlie-type list but these songs are milestones/markers of instances good and not-so-good in my life so far. and have been in a way affirming. 

the book list follows shortly.


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