movies galore

been watching a lotta movies of late. and good lord! the stuff i've watched!these are the worst/weirdest/slowest ones ever-1)2 days in the valley- just plain BAD.2) the cook, the thief, his wife and her lover- surreal.includes cannibalism, singing and something which the critics applauded but i sure as hell cudnt find it. made me think... Continue Reading →

my dad brought home a Mont Blanc which was given to him by his colleague. knowing my penchant for fountain pens he gave it to me and happily escaped having to give me a birthday gift a few months down the line. i mean, c'mon! it's a Mont Blanc, it's classy writing epitomised! anyhow i... Continue Reading →

color me black.

over the years gangsta rap has assumed a cult status and contrary to popular belief it's not just about promoting sex,drugs&rock'n'roll. it also tells about the fallbacks of the same. so what if they use words like "nigga" to connote friend?does it mean that they've turned against their own people and are ashamed of the color... Continue Reading →


i wonder how i can get by on minimum/no sleep when there's work to be done and when there isnt anything pressing i'm the epitome of rip van winkle! my mom said i was born with an internal snooze button.

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