color me black.

over the years gangsta rap has assumed a cult status and contrary to popular belief it’s not just about promoting sex,drugs&rock’n’roll. it also tells about the fallbacks of the same. 
so what if they use words like “nigga” to connote friend?does it mean that they’ve turned against their own people and are ashamed of the color of their skin? there’s a kind of reverse snobbery that the oppressed come to garb themselves in after years and years of subjugation. this often robs them of their sense of humor or being able to see things in a lighter vein. as long as a man’s talking sense shud it matter that he’s using words that a section of the people find objectionable? shud he adhere only to their sentiments and deny his self-expression? 
why not see these words as means or ends to reach the vast majority of confused and often drug&booze-addled youngsters find some self-expression and acceptance? after all it’s speaking their lingo. when was communicating a bad thing? people shud chill for a while and not read between the lines, especially when there’re none to read!


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