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Latin Week: Dies Secundus

Everyone drops ‘carpe diems’ at the merest hint of having a smartish quote ready but these two phrases below actually appeal to me more:

vivere est cogitare: to live is to think

vive ut vivas: one should live their live to the fullest and without fear of possible consequences.

See? Better than just seizing the damn day, isn’t it?

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Latin Week: Prima Die

I sometimes get weird ideas. I say weird because it comes unbidden, without known provocation and might seem really unusual to the readers.

But be as that may, it seemed to me that doing a mini post on Latin phrases that I like, am inspired by might make an interesting change and it’s definitely something to think about. These phrases are in no particular order, fashion or anything beyond being randomly chosen and subject to my fancies.

So here we go, kicking off Latin Week with….littera scripta manet.

This translates to: The written word endures.

Nuff said.

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Movie Review: Minions

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In a nutshell? It’s for kids and those who are entirely too gaga about these little yellow capsules that go jumping, babbling about.

But crack the nut and you are still left with a movie that doesn’t have much of a story line and is a rather lame-ish precursor to Despicable Me.

They ARE cute. They are silly and they have tremendous potential as good merchandise. Beyond that? It’s really just a silly movie.


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Starlight Blogger Award

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I was nominated for this award (surprise, surprise!) by Noms Blog In A Tea Cup . Thank you! Thank you! Mwaah! Mwaah!

Anyhoo, the nomination comes with a coupla things you need to do in taking it forward and here they are:

  • Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog. (check!)
  • Answer the 3 questions that are given to you. (check)
  • Pass the award on to 6 or more other bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated. (Check!)
  • Include the logo of the award on your blog, please never alter the logo and never change the rules. (Check and mate!)

And the questions are….pause for drum roll!:

Who is your one true hero? (From the heart who truly inspires you?) : It may sound hokey but I guess my father. He’s not without an ego and is imminently human. But he genuinely feels for people. Those he knows. Those he doesn’t. Extremely conscious about doing the right thing for himself and others and yet he’s not a goody two-shoes. When in doubt I do find my mind harking back to what he might do in the same situation. It’s kind of a WWJD with my dad substituted instead 😀

What is you favourite sweet / lolly / candy?: I LOVE GUMMY BEARS! Nuff said!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?: I hope in 10 years my husband and I have managed to raise a child who’ll be expressive, warm and still want his parents’ hugs. I want to have traveled way more than I have in the past 10 and documented my travels and the new memories with travelogues, pictures and scrapbooks.

Let’s keep the ball rolling with the nominations, shall we?

I nominate:


Den State

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Third Eye Mom

The Mad Momma

My 3 questions are:

  1. What/Who inspires you to blog?
  2. Blogging: Catharsis or Cathexis?
  3. Kids: Our most consistent Muses or should we look beyond them for a change?

Will wait to see what answers you all turn up. Till then…Beam me up Scotty.

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Banana Fritters!!

It’s been a while since we introduced anything new in the eating line-up and frankly I was a little antsy about doing more stuff at home.
Nothing strenuous mind you, just little more stuff from the norm. And voila! The idea of making banana fritters came to me.

Ridiculously simple, not excessively fattening and a munch-as-you-make-it kinda snack…

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Movie Review: Inside Out

All that glitters is not gold and every animated flick isn’t just a kiddy movie.

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When I made plans for Inside Out I didn’t expect to see a movie that was as well fleshed-out, had a lot of important things to convey and loads of nuances. That it’s animated is just the icing on the cake.

So first off…we are treated to the view of the emotions inside a little girl’s head and how that shapes her ; life, personality, the works! When life throws her curve balls and changes, how her emotions help her navigate and also go through the growing up stages with her is beautifully and sensitively portrayed.

What happens when some emotions (Joy and Sadness) get lost, misplaced or just got out of the picture while Disgust, Anger and Fear have to hold the fort down? that’s what movie is all about.

The people at Pixar have proved it again- they are magicians and psychologists and their creativity is off the charts!

The subject isn’t really for kids at all because barring the obvious toony stuff and some gags, it is actually a very sweet, real movie that deals with sensitive issues that most young children might not begin to experience let alone comprehend at a young age. Mine is very much in the Minionesque gags’ stage and this movie might not have held his interest for too long. IMHO the ideal target audiences for IO are the young adults and the actual adults because each is uniquely positioned to appreciate the crux of it. One will be going through what’s portrayed and the other will have the benefit of having experienced what the movie is about.

It’s actually a bit deeper than most animated features since it lacks frivolity and the out and gags of the Sponge Bob Squarepants and their ilk.

If you do decide to watch Inside Out, do it for the sheer expanse of creativity, imagination of the creators, animators and of course the voice actors who finally breathe life into the finished product.

It just might end up moving you.

Rating: ***

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Yet Another Epiphany

I had another Ah-HA! experience this morning while “attempting” to explain to MLM why something is desirable and why something isn’t. People (parenting experts, those whose kids are no longer a pain-in-the-ass and those who are blissfully childless) usually say that it sets a bad example to communicate with a growing child using largely negatives viz “NO”, “NOT”. “DONT” et al. However, given that the vocabulary of most children who aren’t prodigies or savants of some kind are largely rudimentary till the middle school years, it becomes a tough job navigating the world of communicating what you want with what your child can comprehend.

But I have finally realized the biggest challenge I face day in and day out while trying to bring this boy up- I have to be an adult in the face of his childishness. And therein lies the rub. I no longer know how to be a child and he’s not reached that stage where he knows anything else but how to be a child.

Just a few minutes back, I had another locking-horns session with my offspring. Reason? He’s been using a turtle stencil to draw outlines on an otherwise pristine ivory colored wall. Again.

The first time this was noticed and commented upon, he apologized. In a flash. And went off to do whatever it is he does when one road to mischief has been shut down. Today when I noticed the second drawing I called him to ask why he had drawn on the walls again when he knew it wasn’t appreciated at all. He simply replied that he wanted to. No defiance. No attitude. Just a simple statement of fact.

And that in nutshell is how children usually are. While some are more compliant, for reasons known only to them, others are more willful in the sense that they are guided largely by their whims. A state that many older people fall back into in their advanced years.

But try as I might, I couldn’t explain to MLM why I was upset. He finally came up with a solution of wiping it off with water. But the crux of the problem escaped him and it entirely escaped me how to clue him in.

As adults we live with and in cliches. We stay in the lines. It starts by learning to color in them, writing within in, standing in them and also driving in them. We don’t always turn into lab rats or hamsters in their wheels but we become regulated. And can also see the benefits of such a life for its opposite is chaos in some form or the other.

But a child, especially one right out of early childhood is all about seeing his or her environment as a giant canvas, playground or anything without boundaries. They want to color furiously all over the paper. Never mind that the dam fruit they were to color got buried under the strokes. They want to scribble on walls because that’s the largest unending surface that surrounds them everyday. They want to climb higher, use the bed as a trampoline because everything that gives them a sense of freedom, even briefly, is exhilarating. Never mind that you’ll be replacing the mattress or the bed springs will poke through before long. It’s just so much more fun than just calmly lying down somewhere and sleeping.

And this is why I blogged this. Right here and now. So when I’m about to have an aneurysm tomorrow or day after from whatever my son wasn’t supposed to have done but did so anyhow; I can take a quick peek at this post before my head blows up. Hell! I’ll have to clean up that mess too so I might as well read these pearls of wisdom and count to a 1000 and keep telling myself there’s always school and the next summer holidays are a year away.


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The Blessing Of Being A Daughter’s Mother

Now let me start off by saying that having a son isn’t a curse or a non-blessing either. Even if mine does make me long for Valium on most days, he is truly the light, noise…err..sound of my life.

But back to why a daughter specially, is a blessing. A friend and ex-colleague of mine whom I have unfortunately not been in touch with for too many years has a birthday coming up. A landmark birthday in fact but the number will not be revealed…a woman has to have her secrets after all 🙂

Her daughter got my number from her and called me up a few minutes ago to tell me that she’s making a memory jar for her mom with the same number of friends that the age her mom’s turning.

It’s a total surprise and all her mother knows is that her daughter has access to her phone book and is probably calling some friends over for a surprise party…NOT!

With my friend’s birthday falling on a school night for her and her daughter and a Ph.D looming up in the horizon, a party is totally out of the question on her big day. But she’ll be spending it reading all the stuff her friends have penned down for her.

Who else but a girl would have thought of something like this? And the child is probably all of 15 going on 16.

Jeez…people have got to have more girls! And this girl has one helluva mother!