Latin Week: Prima Die

I sometimes get weird ideas. I say weird because it comes unbidden, without known provocation and might seem really unusual to the readers.

But be as that may, it seemed to me that doing a mini post on Latin phrases that I like, am inspired by might make an interesting change and it’s definitely something to think about. These phrases are in no particular order, fashion or anything beyond being randomly chosen and subject to my fancies.

So here we go, kicking off Latin Week with….littera scripta manet.

This translates to: The written word endures.

Nuff said.

Movie Review: Minions

In a nutshell? It’s for kids and those who are entirely too gaga about these little yellow capsules that go jumping, babbling about.

But crack the nut and you are still left with a movie that doesn’t have much of a story line and is a rather lame-ish precursor to Despicable Me.

They ARE cute. They are silly and they have tremendous potential as good merchandise. Beyond that? It’s really just a silly movie.