phust dey phust sow

wokay! where do i begin?got up (read-got pushed outta bed).went to work only there was NO work to be done per se...herded the brats into the bus only to find they were going willingly and i was made caught by the big guy and he asked me to do dumb stuff like babysit them … Continue reading phust dey phust sow


of russian parakeets and rollicking reminiscences!

had a jam-packed weekend after a long time and dint really miss the sleep i lost out on till monday dawned on old pal from college days is in the country now and saw her for the 1st time in 5 years and it was as if the years fell away instantly. while our … Continue reading of russian parakeets and rollicking reminiscences!

rejuvenated at long last!!!

took a break after a long long time (read- jan this year) and it was fun...on the way to b'lore,the Good Samaritan (pbuh) alternately slept like a log (i mean a LOG) or he laffed showing white teeth in the dark or gappa-marofyed with me and then said abruptly,"ok,sleep time. bye bye". on reaching b'lore … Continue reading rejuvenated at long last!!!

hai mere bhagwaaan

the mater was mentioning about the trip to maldives.among the many things which they are known for, one is a strict adherence to things islamic and the embargo on things unislamic.there were leaflets on the flight about things which are a  no-no and they included carrying idols into the country for the purpose of … Continue reading hai mere bhagwaaan

what the hell’s wrong with people???

was watching the news a while back, it seems certain part of allahabad &varanasi have had major law and order issues because bachchan was issued a notice by the IT department over sunglasses worth a few lakhs. i'd read bachchan's rebuttal in the TOI  y'day but to see mob psychology working this effectively on tv … Continue reading what the hell’s wrong with people???