too many things to process, to many things to deal with and too much to implement all in one go. one good news? stopped mom's amarnath journey!! she's too damn young to be going on the whole char-dham routine!! but seriously though why deliberately endanger your life just coz it's fun and ardous to climb all... Continue Reading →

hubba hubba

there's a gorgeous,dishy kinda guy who i just found out about y'day. i really need to watch the telly more often. he's this hunka-hunka burning lurve god called matthew goode. spent quite a bitta time weaving dreams about him...mike are you listening? was mooning over someone else and then boom! gayab,gone,choley gechhey!!! lol


very very nostalgic today... and every damn thing seems to be adding to it, no matter how obscure... even the sludge that they pass off in the name of coffee here, isnt working... hmm, maybe shopping wud help?

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