hai mere bhagwaaan

the mater was mentioning about the trip to maldives.
among the many things which they are known for, one is a strict adherence to things islamic and the embargo on things unislamic.
there were leaflets on the flight about things which are a  no-no and they included carrying idols into the country for the purpose of worship.
now we know a family there quite well. they’re there for a duration of some 2 years and the lady of the house is a PUJA fanatic. she needs to get in her 30 mins worth of tinkling the bells, the agarbatti,naivaidya ityaadi.
so we were wondering how aunty had smuggled the pantheon of her gods into the country.
bhagwanon ki leela bhi kya cheez hai.

on a sadder note-the parents went there, lived it up (2nd shahed ka chand) and i got a t-shirt as a souvenir. that’s it…i’ll marry that guy in the concrete jungles of nyc if it means i get to go all hedonistic also!!! pandit ko bulaao


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