what the hell’s wrong with people???

was watching the news a while back, it seems certain part of allahabad &varanasi have had major law and order issues because bachchan was issued a notice by the IT department over sunglasses worth a few lakhs. i’d read bachchan’s rebuttal in the TOI  y’day but to see mob psychology working this effectively on tv was quite a downer.
people are really going crazy these days.
people have become so reactive of late. even on campus i tend to find the kids going practically off kilter the moment something unpleasant hits their radar.
if we (the not so berserk people) ever talk about it, the general concensus is that life isTOUGH, (you think?!) and times are changing (another thing that’d escaped my notice) and stress levels are at an all time high and tolerance levels at an all time low….wow! revelation after revelation.
it’s pretty tough to do our jobs these days. everything has to have an automatic answer,generated within minutes and that too,to the counselee’s liking (read-he’s right and the whole world is wrong,dead wrong).
SIGH! ghor kalyug…

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