THE RING…within

y’day after work i was furiously planning about all the things which are a must do (read-everything i was asked to do while being handed over the keys to the house and completely forgot to do) and also what can i do for a change and start off the weekend on a comfy,nice note.
passed the parlor-VOILA!
got a head massage and got the hair cut. while the wet hair was plastered to my face, only a part of my eye could be seen and i looked totally like Samara. and equally creepy tooo! i kept giggling to myself,imagining myself in the ring and being well…demonic!!
the beautician got kinda weirded out by me checking myself out in the mirror and making sinister faces…she kept clearing her throat…somewhat nervously methinks.
she’d just finished cutting one side and was moving to other side when the lites went off for a bit. btw, she and i were the only 2 ppl in the parlor at the time. and my mob goes off and the demonic laffter (yes, i’m weird) ringtone i have for a special friend rang…LOUDLY!!.
our lady shrieked,froze and cut my hair again only after i tried the cute act with her. hard to do when you wanna roll around the floor laffing screaming “sucker!!!”. but i had my hair to think of. goth looks are so NOT me. u need to be emaciated for it firstly.
anyhow,she snatched the moolah from me at the end of it all and dint ask me to come back like they normally do…
tsk tsk, they dont make ppl like they used to.


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