my dad brought home a Mont Blanc which was given to him by his colleague. knowing my penchant for fountain pens he gave it to me and happily escaped having to give me a birthday gift a few months down the line. i mean, c’mon! it’s a Mont Blanc, it’s classy writing epitomised!

anyhow i opened the box to find it was one of their signature series,with a gold nib and platinum tipped and foolishly told the pater about it( shudda written with it first!). he called up the store’s #  and found out that the pen was-hold your breath-just a mere 26K.

it was out of my hands and back in the box before i could start the “u-gave-it-to-me-it’s-mine-and-i-wont-give-it-back-and-if-you-loved-me-you-wudnt-take-it-away-from-me-MAAA!!!” routine.

so there it was, one of the finest( and let’s not forget PISH!!) writing instruments ever forged and it was mine for a nanosecond. parkers seem like such a consolation prize right now :o(

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