have you ever wondered why?

you see certain things on the street and wonder WTF for crying out loud! people,usually of the lower socio-economic strata,dressed up nicely with gold,the zari saris and bhadkila shoes with chamkees all over them and you see their kids- BAREFOOT. what gives?really.
i saw some kids like that today, 2 little ones, hardly more than 5-7 and they were walking gingerly on the sidewalks because the ground was so hot and then the parents take them to even hotter asphalts. all the while being dressed to the nines themselves. never understood the logic.

y’day was the last day of work. it was kind of hectic to say the least! i thought it’d be one of those usual days and i’d come out at 5:30 with the usual ” i’ll be in touch” s and adios’. but there was a transplant all set to occur and the intended recipient was looking dicey from the surgery pov. so we called the back-up patient. wudnt you know she’d be unfit also? so we called a back-up for the back-up!!!
and here i thought i’d have a easy day of it. by the time i left for home i was feeling no wistfulness about quitting. all i wanted was someone to point out which way the bed lay and adios hospital!!!

all said and done, it’s the end of an era :o(

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