strike ’em all dead i say!!!

the beginning of another crappy day at work! and to think that i was feeling happy earlier that the criminal justice system in india actually works! the muscle-bound moron aka salman khan was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for poaching endangered species in Jodhpur…but alas! they’re going to appeal and knowing india’s propensity for letting off the page 3 crowd for their “lil indiscretions” this steroid-gulping centerfold will probably be walking free again, taking his skimpy shirts off as he moves his aging hinney to raucous stripper music. bah!
on a cuter note though, a while ago my colleague’s son wished me on my birthday. when i asked him what he wanted as a treat he told me imperiously that he wanted bahadurshah and 2 5 stars. the 5 star part i got, but the whole deal about wanting dead and gone mughal emperors kinda made me do the whole head scratching thingie.
later his mother was nice enough to solve the mystery-he wanted badusha..or balushai, the ghee wala mithai which looks like a gujia.
phew! almost had to get into some voodoo there!
aint kids the cutest!
since this is turning out to be a rambling rant i might as well say that the whole issue of the further reservation of seats vexes me. as does the untimely sultry weather we’re facing in hyd’bad these days. what was that about april showers again….
alright back to the grind for me. summore people i have to duel with today… S-I-G-H!


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