yet another book review

i’ve got a pretty decent collection of childrens books. all relics of my school days in nyc where our teachers would make sure we read atleast 10 pages per day and then write about what we liked in it and what we dint and why.
i was sorting through my junk in the basement and i came across a book from my 3rd grade called ‘charlotte’s web’. and i was pleasantly surprised to find the book was not only immensely readable even now but it was written beautifully and the words almost paint a picture of the setting, right in front of your eyes.
it dint read like a kiddy book and kiddy book alone.
was kinda nice to go back to 3rd grade and even nicer to read stuff which doesnt require to be read between the lines. what you see is only what you get.

when is an argument not an argument?

according to a dictionary entry an argument is the simple act of people disagreeing with each on any issue whatsoever. i thought different. still do kinda. for me an argument was raised voices, or icily cold ones and none of the people concerned backing down and basically a negativistic kind of air developing around the entire situation.
had a ‘argument’ last nite with a friend of mine and i was steamed up but i was enjoying the sparring immensely.
so if you enjoy it, can it still be an argument?
mebbe i should just ape an interesting person i met sometime back and throw away the conventional dictionary and make up one of my very own, with my fundas.wot say you people?