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Lennon Had It Right!

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. I’m not feeling particularly nostalgic or philosophical today so have no fear that this is one of “those” posts. After a week of particularly fragmented sleep due to … Continue reading

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Reblogged: Marking Territory

Everywhere I look, I sit the offspring’s presence prevails. The jar of Gummybears are usually within hand’s reach although with the child-proof caps it’s still a bit in our control when we want to hand the bears over. There are … Continue reading

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There Are Lines…

Indeed there are. There are fine lines too, the ones which aren’t demarcated with thick, bold colors-whether actual or virtual and then there are the F-I-N-E lines. Whatever be their shape or width;you generally don’t cross them. The deal with … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Truths

The toughest thing I find at times is to explain to MLM what something actually is. Since he lacks the experience and often the vocabulary, it’s a bit challenging to think of ways to get him to understand it in … Continue reading

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At the end of the year…

It becomes inevitable that we make resolutions…even if it’s a resolution that no further resolutions will be made 🙂 And the gospel truth comes back to me: we always keep the promises we *want* to keep. Those that get swept under … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Conviction…

Conviction is a double-edged sword. You revel in the feeling of believing in something so strongly but at the same time once it gets it’s hooks into you, you’re stuck but good. You convince yourself that you’re going through tough … Continue reading

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