The Loretto Convent fracas in Lucknow made me irritated beyond words! I felt like taking an axe (not really but it makes me sound pissed off) to both the BJP and the convent authorities.
In my Univ days I used to see the ‘youth’ leaders canvassing about  MSU for votes. That they were YEARS ahead of us in age and that others their age had school-going kids didnt’t amount to squat. And although they weren’t goondas, they had all the resources at their disposal. Honestly, is that things are supposed to be, even in a world not being viewed by rose-tinted glasses?
I’ve hated (still do) the ABVP with a passion. They’re destructive, they’re zealots although Lord only knows their causes! and I cant’ honestly site one source which will claim authentically that they have actually done some good,somewhere. Why do they still exist then? Because we live in the twilight zone.

Coming to the brides of Jesus! There are layers to them and no matter how nice evangelism is steeped in deep. I’ve gone to mostly convents throughout my scholastic life and I still hold that convents impart a kind of education which many instituions cannot emulate. The kind of discipline and fun (that’s right) that is to be had there isn’t available everywhere. But every Moral Science class would basically be a front for promoting the Bible and the Holy Trinity. I’ve gone to chapels on my own and visited more churches than temples or gurudwaras and I’m not attributing it to the nuns who’ve taught me in school. But they do get persistently nagging and the brainwashing is just a distance away, all you have to do is reach out and it comes gushing forth to embrace you.
When the convent authorities know that they cater to students from different faiths, why did they need to expose ALL the students to a spiritual state in which they could experience Jesus? Navratri’s coming up, why not summon forth Durga or some Islamic prophet for that matter?

Bottom line, keep the religious indoctrination and dogma out of educational institutions unless its a theology class and don’t test the waters all that much unless you’re a good swimmer. The school authorities may have called for a bandh in righeous indignation but they sure burnt their fingers with this particular episode. Now we’ll just wait and watch if faith healing can do an OBLIVIATE! of sorts and make them forget why certain things should not be left solely upto Divine Intervention, and where commonsense should prevail.