life’s like that-II

Today two major things happened. Both were unexpected. Well one was in the offing but it wasnt sure if it’d come off just right and the other was (still is) an out&out shock!
The first one is the culmination of many months of tanta and deliberation and quite a bit of taam-jhaam. But it’s absolutely a restorative development and it’s one of the reasons i’ll still have a partial bounce in my step tomorrow.
The other is the one which will occupy centerstage for sometime to come. A close friend’s husband has a stationery business and also a dealership for SIM cards. 
Some guy came into his shop today and bought a SIM card and said he was going into the xerox place next door to get a copy of his ID. The man vamoosed and in this time the card had been activated. The man clearly had nefarious intentions in mind because no sooner did he get the card in hand that he started to call various people and extorting huge sums of money. The rest of the story is still vague to me but the upshot of it is this
-the guy escaped
-the phone was found
-the SIM was traced back to the shop
-my friend’s husband arrested &taken for interrogation
-talk of his being cited as an accomplice of the actual guy
-non-bailable warrants being issued for him tomorrow.
-talk of possibility of POTA coming into the picture from reliable inside sources.
-my friend being devastated.

The friend’s hubby, let’s call him M. He’s the most innocuous person around for miles and the most non-interferring. His only mistake here was not being alert enough or not getting the SIM deactivated when he realised that the guy had fled. But whatever his cognitive processes at that time, this much is certain, there is an entire family who’ll spend a sleepless night on tenderhooks and many others like me who’re still up wondering at how quick life can seem to capsize.
Am seriously brainfucked right now.


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