save me NOW!!!

I bribed a colleague with the promise of a book he’s been asking for and came out of the afternoon invigilation. Didnt get away with it entirely, I’ll go back…eventually.
The worst thing about these MBA students is that they’re too cocky by half. Majority of them have taken educational loans, amounting to above 6 lacs to do this course. And in most of the cases their fathers/parents are the guarantors. So why screw things up for yourself by cheating. I told a student yesterday, ” If you haven’t studied all sem then no amount of time is going to be enough to make up for it. So don’t cheat to compensate. But if you must, do it well and don’t get caught.” I feel sorry for their parents. All their kids are capable of doing is fantasizing about colossal pay packets but ask them a question or two and their entire MBA base is flimsy!

I’ve slacked off plenty myself. My last year of M.A was horrible. I didnt score well because I’d got into a rut I coudn’t get out of and neither did I have anyone who took any effort to kinda get me out of it. Be a mental health professional and people think you’re entirely self-reliant 24/7 :o(

Anyhow, I just wonder how much they’ll be able to translate their training into the actual work requirement when they join a company. Not my problem at the end of the day, but we do take plenty of effort with these guys and this kind of cavalier attitude bites.



I was telling the significant other (much to his uncontrollable amusement) that the invigilation duty they’ve assigned me for is just about the worst punishment for me yet. Especially since yesterday, when they have me doing double shifts. That works out to 6 hours totally of monosyllables of not even that.
And many of the smart alecks in the bunch dont even bother to hide the fact that they’re casting furtive glances here and there. Oh how my hand itches to rap them on the head HARD!!!
I think my school teacher grandfather’s ghost has possessed me :o(

Last few weeks have been slightly erratic, been feeling QUITE sleepy but not able to sleep when I want to. Then there was this to finish. I’ve wanted to read this book since I saw it for the 1st time in the Queens Public Library way back in the early ’90s. But they had strict rules about books of the adult section (although nothing typically adult here, more of Hell and Damnation and all that jazz) and I was restricted to Babysitter’s Club and the Sweet Valley Twins and 3 Investigators et al. The thing about King’s books is that even the portions which tend to sag, or lose the tautness, keep you hooked for the final confrontation or dhamaka as it were. I read ‘Needful Things’ and there were parts I was disappointed because it was touted as a great horror story but it was phantasmagoria above and beyond anything else. But curiousity regarding how it would end kept me up for nights on end. That by itself is the mark of a GOOD author, I feel.

Anyhoo, have to go and see which bunch of beasties I’m going to strike fear into today. The sad mockery of strong coffee they offer here is pretty much the only thing that keeps me going throughout the day…