un-fucking believable!!

Management students! BAH! HUMBUG!I don't want to sound prissy when I say this but we weren't like this when we were studying. While being goody-goody DID NOT enter the picture, the level of ignorance, lethargy and the maha lackadaisical attiudes that these people manifest is honestly sickening!!Time management is alien to the majority, sleeping is... Continue Reading →

excuses excuses!

but for what i wonder?sometimes it seems that there are people with entirely too much time on their hands (i've been clubbed in that category at times) and they spend a LOT of time scratching their heads and thinking about stuff that'll cause a dhamaka...ek sansanati leher as it were.onto the dhamaka, of sorts. today's... Continue Reading →

reading between the lines

read something truly appalling in the newspaper( today's Deccan Chronicle)that the latest potter book whichis being heralded as the "new thing"in reading pleasure for people all across the world has come to us at a very heavy price! an entire jungle to be more precise! thewhole lot of  trees( the dihing-patkai forest of Tinsukhia, India) were mowed down so we... Continue Reading →

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